Game Day 2021 AFL Grand Final - Melbourne v Western Bulldogs, Saturday 25 September, 7:15pm AEST, Optus Stadium

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#InBielsaWeTrust #MOT
Jul 25, 2019
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Leeds United
Tears are-a coming.

I can't believe this
Bless you mate. Such a shame it wasn't played at the G, doesn't diminish your amazing season and Premiership any less.

Believe me mate, it is real, The Mighty Demons are Premiers,

I am so ******* happy for you all. Jimmy Stynes meant more to me than anyone could know.
I have no doubt that somewhere, some place , he is having a massive grin on his face along with Sean Wight, Norm Smith, Robbie Flower, Troy Broadbridge, Dean Bailey and all the rest of the good people Melbourne FC have lost over the years.

Enjoy it friends and party hard!!!!

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All Australian
Mar 2, 2016
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Unbelievable victory for the club. This will be a memory you will tell your grandchildren.
Congratulations. It's been too long.

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Mr north man

Club Legend
Mar 12, 2016
AFL Club
North Melbourne
As a north a supporter I’m happy for Ben Brown and well done Melbourne


Mar 20, 2011
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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L.A Lakers, Man Utd
Well done on the win guys, deserve to enjoy it after over 50 years, Petracca was unstoppable especially in second half.
Fritsch, Salem, Jackson all played ripper games, any other grand final without Petracca playing each would have been worthy of winning a Norm Smith but Petracca was just next level insane.

Wish Jones could have been in the side to win it though.
Bloody happy for Daniher.


The umpires are always right!
Sep 27, 2008
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St Kilda
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Chelsea, Black Caps, Subiaco
Drink it in Dees fans.

To those Dees Bay 13 legends, Biffinator, Whelan2Legend, Wonnaemeri33, this flag is for you!!!


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