Preview 2021 AFL National Draft

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Mar 22, 2007
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I have watched every junior game from the last 3 years and have come to this conclusion.

Daicos is no1
Daylight 2nd

After no2 you can throw a blanket over about 50 players unfortunately for you guys.

Still salty after we made you pay overs for Hoaren De Goey

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Sep 21, 2008
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His athletic testing, particularly his speed over 20m, isn't as impressive as you'd think (it's still sub 3) considering how much that aspect stands out when you watch him play. He looks almost unstoppable when in space and he gets going.

Needs to work on his kicking. I think his position at AFL level will be as a back flanker or wing. Sandringham have played him on ball a bit this year and hopefully, for his sake, he continues to show improvement in that area. Unfortunately he's only been able to play 3 games due to the break and now COVID.

I think he's a legitimate chance to slide out to a late teens, early 20's pick due to his kicking inconsistencies and not looking super comfortably a true onballer. A big reason I think he'll slide is because I believe this draft class is at least 30-35 players deep in terms of real quality.

Tier 1 and 2 would cover around 10-12 players, and after that, in my eyes, you have a good 15-20 players who are all in the same bracket at this stage. Sinn at the moment is in the back end of that 10-12 range, but my prediction is by year's end he's more late teens to early 20's.
I’m happy that my initial take was on the money.

The speed is an obvious standout but the way some experts talked about him I was expecting his kicking to be genuinely elite, and in the game I watched he was far from that. They weren’t particular hards passed that he was missing either…

Really hope we can get the Nab league back up and running, really looking forward to being able to watch some undersize footy again.

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