AFL 2021 AFL Round 14

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 6, 2011
Auckland, New Zealand
AFL Club
Other Teams
Patriots, Perth Glory, Wildcats
My picks for the Spread Stat Multiplier:

UNDER 86 Breust
OVER 97 Mitchell
UNDER 97 Wingard
OVER 113 Parish
UNDER 68 McDonald-Tipungwuti
UNDER 55 Devon Smith
UNDER 67 Stringer
NO PLAY on the rest of (Moore, Shiels, Merrett)
Results from the Multiplier:

UNDER 86 Breust= -$250 Loss
OVER 97 Mitchell= +$227 Win
UNDER 97 Wingard= -$23 Loss
OVER 113 Parish= +$30 Win
UNDER 68 McDonald-Tipungwuti= +$44 Win
UNDER 55 Devon Smith= +$55 Win
UNDER 67 Stringer= -$700 Loss
NO PLAY on the rest of (Moore, Shiels, Merrett)

Overall Net Loss= -$617

(4 wins and 9 losses for 2021)

That is my biggest loss for a tip on a player.

If there was no limit for Stringer on PointsBet, could have lost potentially for $749 for a $1 stake. He finished with a stat multiplier score of 816.

Anyway it got me thinking I wouldn't have bet pre-game if you had offered of around $750 for Stringer to kick 4+ Goals and get 29 disposals. So fair play to those who got on him for goals, and disposals . Would have been interesting to see what the same game multi price for that would have been.

Anyway I also went back to the record book, his previous highest score was 360 (from 146 games). So yeah today , fair to say it was a big day out.

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