AFL 2021 AFL Round 4

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Ohh Ok

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Jul 31, 2018
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Think the bookies are pretty spot on for the prop markets tonight.

Hitting this one, bit Boring and probably a bit of a joke doing write ups for $1.05 legs, but here ya go!

2.5u - Hind 20+, Papley, Franklin, Hooker AGS - $1.90

-Wanted a Hind over 21.5 or 22.5. Essendon looking to give him first use out of defence and go through him for their attack. 25, 21 and 25 this year. Would’ve had more last week but spent a fair portion of quarter 3 off due to the blood rule.

-Papley close to the best small forward in the game at the moment. If there is any dew around this helps bring the game down to his level. No strong match up for him.

-Class is permanent. It’s hard to believe Franklin doesn’t kick a goal tonight. Has a great track record on the dons.

-Hooker is thriving as a permanent forward and being the main target for Essendon. Has kicked 14 goals since pre season. Should get a crack at it tonight.


Mar 28, 2021
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Taken a different approach for tonight's game. Put a couple of 0.3u multis on some AGS because I can't help myself but my main bets tonight are on the behinds markets on TopSport.

2u - Over 22.5 Behinds @ $1.96
1u - Over 23.5 Behinds @ $2.30
0.5u - Over 24.5 Behinds @ $2.81
0.35u - Over 25.5 Behinds @ $3.50
0.15u - Over 26.5 Behinds @ $4.30

I the last 3 rounds the teams have had a combined behinds score of 24, 24, and 26. I expect this game to be on the higher scoring side so hoping for a few behinds.


loyal crows fan.
Aug 3, 2014
AFL Club
No rain. Fine clear
sweet! im doubling my units on these-
0.75u sgm -franklin 2g+, wicks ags , papley ags @3.18 lads
0.5u sgm -franklin 2g+, wicks ags , papley 2g+ @5.77 lads
0.5u sgm -franklin 2g+, wicks 2g+, papley ags @7.35 lads
0.25u sgm -franklin 2g+, wicks 2g+, papley 2g+ @12.54 lads

0.5u sgm -franklin 3g+, wicks ags , papley ags @5.60lads
0.5u sgm -franklin 3g+, wicks ags , papley 2g+ @9.67lads
0.5u sgm -franklin 3g+, wicks 2g+, papley ags @12 lads
0.25u sgm -franklin 3g+, wicks 2g+, papley 2g+ @19.97 lads

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Jul 5, 2013
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Other Teams
1.5u - Waterman 2+ goals - $3.75 - SB
0.8u - Waterman 3+ goals - $11 - SB
0.2u - Waterman 4+ goals - $36 - SB
Another WAFL product. Kicked 19 from 9 home and away games last year and then 7 in two finals games. Waterman is a mature body at the age of 24. Kicked 2.2 last week in his debut and is looking to really grab hold of the chance to play AFL. Should spend majority of his time close to goal and love his chance to kick a couple snags a couple on some quick turnovers in what should be a high scoring match.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 6, 2011
Auckland, New Zealand
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Patriots, Perth Glory, Wildcats
1st Goalscorer in 2nd Qtr:

Buddy $7.50
Heeney $9.50
Logan McDonald, Papley, Hooker, Stringer $11
Reid, McDonald-Tipungwuti $13
Gulden, Wicks $15
Waterman $17
Peter Wright $19
Parker $20
Warner $21
Perkins, Harrison Jones, Nik Cox, $23
Ham, Devon Smith $26
Any Other Player $4

a bit of value there for Waterman I reckon at 17

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