AFL 2021 AFL Round 9

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Veer Right

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May 11, 2019
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St Kilda
Cats at the -14.5 line

Dominant either end of the ground. Marshall a likely out with foot soreness. Midfield battle even. The saints don't get numbers back so should be party time for Geelong next week up forward. Howard to take one of the big three talls, probably Cameron leaving the other two big men with a free hit. Darah Joyce while doing okay has been in the reserves for a long time for a reason, unlikely he can handle Tomahawk. Other blokes are to small.

Up the other end, time and time again the saints bomb it in. I can see the Geelong backs having a field day.

Swans H2H

Collingwood won over turnover kings North which would have been a loss if North were cleaner. Swans matched it with Melbourne all the way to the final siren. Swans match up very well here winning all parts of the ground for mine. Also a home game.

Port H2H

They are heavy scorers. They match up well breaking even with the dogs in the middle, down back and in my opinion they have it over the dogs up forward.
Bulldogs have come back a peg minus Dunkley. Got a number of questionable umpire assisted goals early then ran over Carlton late. I question where Cripps is at because he looks well of the pace. Curnow is getting on leaving Walsh to do to much. Port no such worries, they have a midfield, they are at home and i believe they will have to much scoreboard pressure for the dogs.

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Oct 6, 2011
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Early odds out and unlike the previous round, I can't find great value backing any of the underdogs this round. All favourites rightfully leading the match odds markets.

St.K V Geelong= Geelong should win but being played at Marvel Stadium gives the Saints a better chance. Geelong recruits: Higgins, Cameron and Isaac Smith are playing really well. I know its only 2 games in, but Cameron is making a claim for best 'ex-recruit' of 2021.

Sydney v Collingwood= Not getting carried away with Collingwood win on the weekend. It was a game full of errors from both sides. Sydney applied great pressure all around the ground against the Dees especially in that 2nd half. On another day they would have won that.

Hawthorn v North Melbourne= this is the one game this week where you can make a strong case for the underdog, Roos here. These are bottom 4 teams, and it could be a preview of the wooden spoon.

Gold Coast v Brisbane= being played at Metricon gives the Suns a chance . Brisbane may be better odds in-play, and they may be a tad fresher, after deciding to put the cue in the rack against Freo in the 2nd half.

Richmond v GWS= alot depends on teams as there are currently suspended players/ injured players questionable for this game. I didn't watch the Giants on the weekend, so this is the game I can't predict with too much confidence. The key player for Richmond for me is Grimes- if he is a chance of playing , scoring for GWS will be a lot harder.

Port v Bulldogs= Port at home, in Adelaide should win this. Just ground familiarity should be enough here.

Essendon v Fremantle= Essendon from what I gather didn't play that badly (this weekend) and they have been mostly competitive in all games this season. Freo are starting games a bit slowly away from home. A better bet may be to get on Essendon to win the 1st half. Dockers seem to be running 2nd halves better this season. If betting on Freo, may be better to watch a quarter or two then placing a better at HT if they are within striking distance. Huge game for both teams if they are to have make claims to make Top 8. If Freo want to make the Top 8, this is a game that they need to win. Hard to see Dons, making the 8 even with a win here.

Melbourne v Carlton= Carlton best chance of winning is to make it a shoot-out as strange as it sounds. On paper, Melbourne defence v Carlton forwards will be most likely where the game will be decided. Lever/May having great seasons so far.

West Coast v Adelaide= West Coast will win. Depending on weather , this is a game to look for forwards to sneak goals . Ah Chee, Jamaine Jones are goal sneaks that have done a good replacement job with Liam Ryan out. I had a bet on Adelaide to make the Top 8 at the end of round 4, but since then they have lost 4 in a row. This looks like a team that is getting bullied as the season goes on. Last year, it was a similar case as well, with Crows performing not very well in 2nd halves. Crows average 2nd half result is losing by 2.625 goals this season. Eagles need percentage, and this is a game where they will look for a bit to help them climb up the ladder.

5 Bucks

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Apr 20, 2011
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Western Bulldogs
Brisbane -10.5 half time line looks delicious.

4:35 gametime so no slippery dew conditions but the main factor is that their best player Tuok is out, and he's the one that gets them going early. He often has 10 touches in the first quarter but not this week.

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Apr 1, 2005
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Punter of the Year and Part Time Meteorologist.:$

EDIT. It is true, though what you saying. :think:
Nah part time statistician - I think Nate Silver looked at it and basically from a week on just blindly predicting the average temp/rainfall for the month in question does a better job than the prediction of meteorologists.


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Oct 25, 2017
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I've rated the games at around these numbers this round. Would go + for Marvel games and - for night outdoors.

Stk Cats 165
Syd Pies 167
Hawk North 166
Suns Bris 161
Rich GWS 161
Port Dogs 161
Ess Freo 178
Dees Blues 168
WCE Adel 175

Total average is now sitting on 166pg.

Don't mind a dabble on Dees Blues as a draw too!


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