Opinion 2021 Best 22s

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I’m pretty good looking
Oct 24, 2020
AFL Club
B: Rampe - Melican - Mills
HB: Lloyd - T McCartin - Dawson
C: McInerney - Parker - Florent
HF: Heeney - Reid - Blakey
F: Papley - Franklin - Hayward
R: Hickey - Kennedy - Rowbottom

Int: Cunningham - Stephens - Hewett - Sinclair

Emg: Clarke - Taylor - Campbell - Fox - Thurlow - Brand
Any reason why you guys delisted Stoddart


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 27, 2014
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Weitering, Jones, Marchbank, Plowman
Saad, Docherty, Newman, Williamson, Williams, SPS

As you've alluded too, there's some who will have to play elsewhere. Williams is one who would be an obvious progression to on ball. SPS too, or to a forward flank.

But I wonder if instead of Marchbank, Saad might be the one to push on the wing. Especially if it is true that he 1) prefers attacking over lockdown defending 2) Essendon upped their offer and he still went - potentially discussions of a move up field??

I reckon Saad on a wing isn't a terrible idea. He'd be lethal in space.

Murphy to lose his spot by years end, and McGovern too. I'd have Curnow in by the end of the year, but Silvagni in the meantime, and persist with SPS over Murphy.

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Nov 12, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Pick 2 will definitely be in this team, it just remains to be seen who it is. But atm our best 22 looks like this imo:

FB: Hayden - McKay - Corr
HB: Perez - Tarrant - McDonald
C: Dumont - Cunnington - Polec
HF: Stephenson - Ziebell - Taylor
FF: Thomas - Larkey - Zurhaar
R: Goldstein - Simpkin - Davies-Uniacke

I: Scott - Atley - J. Walker - Anderson

EMG from: Mahony - Comben - Garner - Hall - Young - Turner - Bonar - Bosenavulagi

I don't think it's as bad as some people might have thought, but it's still really young. A lot will obviously also depend on who the coach is and how he wants us to play. Think our backline is solid and a lot more balanced than this year with some guys who can actually kick the footy. If Simpkin and LDU continue their development from this year then that midfield could be really exciting. But the forward line is super young and somewhat imbalanced with too many medium forwards with question marks about whether they can push into the midfield. I think we'll be solid enough in the midfield and defensively, but I do struggle to see how we're going to regularly kick a winning score.


Ballistic and Dynamic
Aug 12, 2017
AFL Club
Other Teams
Orlando Magic, Arsenal
More a desired 22.

FB: Hibberd May Lockhart
HB: Rivers Tomlinson Lever
C: Langdon Brayshaw Salem
HF: Viney Weideman Hunt
FF: Pickett B Brown Fritsch
R: Gawn Petracca Oliver

IC: Jackson Harmes Spargo Hore

Emer: T McDonald, Melksham, vandenBerg, Sparrow


Premiership Player
Sep 26, 2005
AFL Club
Taking some liberties here but:

B: Howe - Roughead- Langdon
HB: Maynard - Moore - Quaynor
C: Daicos - Pendlebury - Elliott
HF: Thomas - Kelly - WHE
F: Ruscoe - Cox - Mihocek
R: Grundy - Adams - Sidebottom

INT: De Goey - Crisp - Noble - Greenwood

Backs - The backs again should be solid. Not much of a change from 2019. If Langdon can come back in and capture some of his 2018 form that would be huge as it would allow Crisp to support the midfield. Noble to rotate through.

Mids - Treloar is a loss but a silver lining is that it does allow us to get a bit more creative with the midfield setup. Sidebottom’s best year in 2018 also coincided with him spending more time in the centre rather than a wing. Perfect opportunity for him to get more centre-square time although I’d be surprised if this eventuates. Daicos looks like making a wing his own and I think Elliott could be deployed to a wing with ease. Crisp to rotate through with Greenwood filling in as needed.

Forwards - yeah, this is tough to do and is clearly Collingwood’s weakest line at the moment. I’ve gone for the incumbents in addition to Kelly and Ruscoe. Maybe a bit of youthful exuberance can rejuvenate the forward line. Kelly looked comfortable at the level although nobody can make a solid call after approx one half of footy (if that?) at AFL level. Ruscoe managed 5 goals from his 4 games so at least there’s something to work with.

De Goey - I think De Goey needs his own section because it’s so hard to know what to do with him. He’s clearly shown ability up forward but hasn’t seemed to improve in the position since 2018. He’s shown glimpses in the midfield, but apparently doesn’t have the tank to be a full time midfielder yet. I struggle to see De Goey becoming a 30+ possession midfielder. I see him as a player that will get 20 quality possessions. Because of this I wouldn’t mind seeing him come off the bench (a la Swan) and tearing apart second-string midfields while occasionally floating forward. We saw Buckley willing to play Grundy against the Eagles second ruck in the EF so this kind of strategy might not be unrealistic.


Premiership Player
Oct 14, 2003
AFL Club
B: Grimes, Balta, Vlastuin
HB: Baker, Astbury, Short
C: Bolton, Prestia, Edwards
HF: Martin, Lynch, Lambert
F: Rioli, Riewoldt, Castagna
R: Soldo, Cotchin, Graham
Int: Broad, Nankervis, Houli, McIntosh
Surely Nanks finals series takes him well past Soldo (who prob wont play next year anyway). I think Ross breaks into the best 22 next year, his last few games were very good and back to what he was at the start of last year. So would go with the 1 ruck and put Ross in.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 4, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
B - Langdon, Roughead, Maynard
Loose back - Howe
HB - IQ, Kelly, Crisp
C - Daicos, DeGoey, Hoskin-Elliott
Foll - Grundy, Pendles, Adams
HF - Sidey, Moore, T.Brown
F - Elliott, Cox
Int - Mihocek, Sier, Greenwood, C.Brown

Pies always play a loose defender, if we can get Howe and Langdon fit, a great opportunity to slot young W.Kelly into a key back role with experience and great coverage around him.

Time for the change, Moore to be the star athletic CHF. Sidey to play more ahead of the ball and improve link to forwards, Elliott back to being the main small goal kicker.

Time for DeGoey to start 80% CB in the square as a mid, then let him roam where he wants. He could be a 20disposal, 2 goal. WHE to push up to a wing role as is a great link option with clean hands.

Tap Tap Tapperoo

Club Legend
Dec 15, 2009
AFL Club
Hard to do Melbourne as I know mine and Goodwin’s best 22 would have some differences. I’d certainly be respecting the wing positions and just generally trying to get more run in the side, won’t happen though.

TeeJay Blue

Premiership Player
Feb 11, 2015
AFL Club
Weitering, Jones, Marchbank, Plowman
Saad, Docherty, Newman, Williamson, Williams, SPS

As you've alluded too, there's some who will have to play elsewhere. Williams is one who would be an obvious progression to on ball. SPS too, or to a forward flank.

But I wonder if instead of Marchbank, Saad might be the one to push on the wing. Especially if it is true that he 1) prefers attacking over lockdown defending 2) Essendon upped their offer and he still went - potentially discussions of a move up field??

I reckon Saad on a wing isn't a terrible idea. He'd be lethal in space.

Murphy to lose his spot by years end, and McGovern too. I'd have Curnow in by the end of the year, but Silvagni in the meantime, and persist with SPS over Murphy.
I find it hard to believe we brought Saad in for that reason. I've been hearing he was to fill the void left by Simpson. That and the fact we've been left to utilise Polson in a similar position. But then again, who knows. There is already decent space for Saad when on the rebound anyway. If he can simply recreate the role of Docherty of 16/17 with the added pace, then we have an incredible asset in our hands.

I too hope Charlie returns, but I am not going to bet my life on it. I'm not pessimistic like the media, but I am not optimistic like most blues fans on here either. There remains doubt. All McGovern lacks is drive. If he can show it, then he becomes a vital piece. I'm sort of hoping it is Casboult instead who gets nudged out. He is ageing and he seems to hinder McKay's role more than complement it.

I was thinking Silvagni for McGovern, but I am not sure Teague will see it the same way. Murphy will certainly be picked before SPS. Right now, it looks as if SPS doesn't show enough to cement a spot at the moment. That is unless the coaches can solidify a position for him properly during the preseason and have him train for it from start to finish.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Renault F1
Yep going to be really interesting to see how they work in tandem. I think there will be plenty of teething problems. As you said, very similar - neither being a big power forward who would compliment the other perfectly. I think we'll probably play one much higher up the ground to give us a target coming out of defence. For both, their delivery into forward 50 is much more consistent than their set shots as well...

I think one of our biggest strengths up forward is that we do have small/medium forwards who can clunk a contested mark - McCarthy, Rayner, Bailey, even Cameron. It's just appalling kicking at goal that hurts us.

How we fit Andrews, Payne, Gardiner in down back will also be interesting. I believe we have to play all three but we do obviously lose run and gun if we do.
Daniher played 15 games across the last three (3) seasons.


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 11, 2010
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
How Hipwood and Daniher work together is going to be interesting as they are very similar types of players. If both are on the park though it is going to be tough for other teams as most teams have at most 1 defender who can go with a 200cm forward.
Big O will also be rotating through the forward line.

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All Australian
Dec 31, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Aston Villa, Arizona Cardinals
FB: Jonas (c) Aliir McKenzie
HB: Burton Hartlett DBJ
C: Amon SPP Duursma
HF: Fantasia Georgiades Rozee
FF: Gray Dixon Butters

R: Lycett Boak Wines

I: Rockliff Houston Ladhams Bergman

Probably a bit harsh on Marshall not to even be on the interchange but he needs to pull his socks up to keep Georgiades out after last year IMO and if I put him elsewhere or on the interchange the team feels too tall.


Nov 12, 2020
AFL Club
Conca, Cox, Ryan
Logue, Pearce, Young
Aish, Tucker, Acres
Walters, Fyfe, Sturt
Schultz, Taberner, Lobb
Darcy, Cerra, Brayshaw
Serong, Hughes, Mundy, Switkowski


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 11, 2012
AFL Club
Hawthorn best 22 for round 1 2020:

B: Greaves Hartigan Hardwick
HB: Day Frost Scrimshaw
C: Scully Omera Phillips
HF: Wingard O’Brien Gunston
F: Breust Patton Burgoyne
R: Ceglar Mitchell Worpel
I: Shiels, Lewis, McEvoy, Impey
E: Howe, Jiath, Cousins, Morrison

- Sicily would obviously be there but is out with an ACL
- Burgoyne, Shiels & Scully will be lucky to be best 22 by round 10. Scully shouldn’t be on an AFL list, but with Henderson retiring and smith leaving, we have no other wingman. Hopefully Day can move to a wing and Jiath (cat b rookie) can play across half back, if he remains on the list
- our spine would have to be one of if not the worst in modern day football history
- midfield is far too slow and lacks class. There isn’t a single player In there that would be above average by foot
- Ceglar number one ruck is laughable, but Clarko decided at the end of 2019 that Ben McEvoy would be a better defender than ruck, so we signed Ceglar on a 4-year deal...our only other ruckman is Ned Reeves, son of our CEO Justin Reeves, who would be lucky to get a game in bush footy. Amazing to think that our ruck situation is worse than our key position situation...
- hopefully by mid-season when we have only won 3-4 games, we see guys like Maginness, Jeka, pick 4, Jiath , Koschitzke, Moore, Jones & Hanrahan playing more games.
- would be surprised if we finished above 15th. At least we will have another top 4 pick for the 2021 draft
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Reservoir tiger

Club Legend
Mar 9, 2014
AFL Club
Grimes Astbury Vlastuin
Houli Balta Short
Kmac Cotchin Baker
Edwards Riewoldt Bolton
Dusty Lynch Rioli

nank Prestia Lambert

soldo stack castagna graham

emerg- RCD broad Pickett Ross

depth- Aarts caddy CCJ Naish garthwaite egg chol

the rest untried


Nov 1, 2020
AFL Club
Other Teams
Manchester United
FB: Conca Pearce Cox
HB: Wilson Ryan Young
C: Aish Fyfe Acres
HF: Walters Tabener Mundy*
FF: Shultz* Lobb Sturt
R: Darcy Brayshaw Cerra
IC: Serong Hughes Logue Henry

Emg/Depth: Hamling, Bewley*, Tucker, Duman, Crowden, Watson, Fredrick, Valente, Meek, Blakley**.

Trying to fit our team together is bloody tough, Particularly down back. Pearce, Logue, Cox, Ryan, and Hamling are all good enough to start, However, Playing them all at the same time would be a mistake in my opinion, and you need depth anyway.

The midfield has a ton of potential, No doubt we'll be seeing a lot of Serong, Cerra, And Brayshaw in there, to go with Fyfe, Mundy, And Walters running through there as well, We have a fair bit of versatility.

Hopefully, Sturt and Henry get some good game time up Fwd, If we wanna play finals, then we need to improve our scoring, We were in the top 4 for points against most of the season but bottom 4 for scoring, Hopefully, those two coupled with the marking ability of Lobb, Tabenar, and Fyfe when he plays up fwd, Not to mention the class of Walters can help us do just that. If we could crack the top 10 for scoring that would be amazing considering how bad it's been.

*: Want them to stay
**: meh, Either way


Club Legend
Oct 24, 2015
AFL Club

FB -
Lachie Plowman - Liam Jones - Nic Newman
HB - Adam Saad - Jacob Weitering - Sam Docherty
C - Sam Walsh - Patrick Cripps - Will Setterfield
HF - Jack Martin - Mitch McGovern - Zac Fisher
FF - Michael Gibbons - Harry McKay - Levi Casboult
R - Tom De Koning - Ed Curnow - Zac Williams
I - Marc Murphy - Caleb Marchbank - Jack Newnes - Tom Williamson

E - Marc Pittonet - Lachie Fogarty - Jack Silvagni - Sam Petrevski-Seton

This was extremely tough.

- Ideally, Eddie Betts would not be in our best side. Especially when looking on his most recent performances. As much of a star he has been, it looks to be his off-field actions that are of greater value to our side.

- I am hearing talks that Caleb Marchbank might be pushed up the ground to play as a winger. And given what he is capable of, it was too difficult not to put him in the side despite his history of injuries.

- A lot would question my addition of Nic Newman. However, he was selected ahead of the likes of Tom Williamson at the beginning of the year. His one-on-one work is not fantastic, but his ability to push up the ground and attack is above average. He too can find the goals. Cops a lot of flak but I am in the minority and I really value what he brings.

- I left out Sam Petrevski-Seton due to the fact that he is far too inconsistent. I am unsure whether it is him simply playing out of position or something else. Perhaps another one to become a victim of our slow-growing depth.

- I was tossing up between Jack Newnes and David Cuningham. I felt Newnes has a greater presence around the ball and seems to be in the right places. Cuningham only had the one very good game this year. Most other times, he too proved to be very inconsistent. Shame because I really like him.

- I have Levi Casboult in for now, knowing the situation surrounding Charlie Curnow and the doubts over his future. We do need to move on from him though.

- At the moment, Marc Murphy remains in the 22. But I'd really hope to see Lachie Fogarty step up and become his successor by the end of the season.

- I reckon Ed Curnow will be the hardest to push out of the side given what he brings. But I like to believe Brodie Kemp will be that guy. This will be his year of development. Mostly in the reserves.

- Only cause for concern at the moment is Liam Jones and who is to replace him. I don't really trust Mitch McGovern to be that guy which many seem to be discussing.
Our side never even looks close to the same it was in round one the year before... unfortunately we are going to have a couple of players struggling to crack the 22 but I don't think lachlan foharty is going to be one of them fisher and gibbons need to bring the heat or he will replace them... and kemp will end up being to hard to ignore.


Premiership Player
May 6, 2014
AFL Club
St Kilda
FB: Paton - Howard - Wilkie
HB: Coffield - Carlisle - Long
C: B.Hill - Steele - Billings
HF: Butler - Membrey - Higgins
FF: Gresham - King - Marshall
F: Ryder - B.Crouch - Clark
Int: Hannebery - Ross - Jones - Geary

E: Sinclair - Mckernan - Webster - Dunstan

Rob R

Club Legend
Aug 17, 2009
AFL Club
Hardwick, Hartigan, Greaves
Scrimshaw, Frost, Impey
Day, OMeara, Phillips
Scully, Lewis, Gunston
Bruest, Patton, Wingard

McEvoy, Mitchell, Worpel

Burgoyne, OBrien, Hanrahan, Cousins

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All hail the King!
Sep 22, 2013
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Sharks, Suns, Stars, Spurs
Paton Howard Wilkie
Coffield Carlisle Long
Hill Steele Jones
Billings Marshall Gresham
Butler King Membrey
Ryder Crouch Clark
Battle Higgins Ross Hannebery


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 28, 2011
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Pretty happy with the way the Suns team looks heading into 2021.

B: Powell - Collins - Budarick
HB: Markov - Ballard - Lukosius
C: Atkins - Greenwood - Ellis
HF: Ainsworth - Day - Corbett
FF: Sexton - King - Rankine

R: Witts - Swallow - Rowell

I: Miller - Bowes - Weller - Anderson

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