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Jun 4, 2007
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Thread for all Picks

**Only post picks in this thread**

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Below is a list of links that can be used as a quick guide for Draft Rankings, Mock Drafts and Team Needs (A guide on if struggling where to find info to make a decision when OTC)


Team Needs

2021 Draft - Round 1

Pick# - Team - GM - Player - Position - School

1. Jacksonville Jaguars- fuey - Trevor Lawrence - Quarterback - Clemson
2. New York Jets - Dixie Flatline - Zach Wilson - Quarterback - BYU
3. Miami Dolphins (from Houston) - Blacky - Penei Sewell - Offensive Tackle - Oregon
4. Atlanta Falcons - Dannyreed - Kyle Pitts - Tight End - Florida
5. Cincinatti Bengals - Sven - Ja'Marr Chase - Wide Receiver - LSU
6. Philadelphia Eagles - rumply - Jaylen Waddle - Wide Receiver - Alabama
7. Detroit Lions - drd23 - DeVonta Smith - Wide Receiver - Alabama
8. Carolina Panthers- A11dAtP0w3R - Rashawn SLater - Offensive Tackle - North Western
9. Denver Broncos - Blacky - Justin Fields - Quarterback - Ohio State
10. Dallas Cowboys- nobbyiscool - Patrick Surtain II - Cornerback - Alabama
11. New York Giants - bgt2110 - Gregory Rousseau - Defensive End - Miami
12. San Fransisco 49ers - Brasher - Caleb Farley -Cornerback - Virginia Tech
13. Los Angeles Chargers - catters078 - Alijah Vera-Tucker - Guard/Tackle - USC
14. Chicago Bears (From Chicago) - catters078 - Trey Lance - Quarterback - North Dakota State
15. New England Patriots- Monocle - Micah Parsons - Linebacker - Penn State
16. Arizona Cardinals - aussiedude - Jaycee Horn - Cornerback - South Carolina
17. Las Vegas Raiders - Chewy316 - Azeez Ojulari - Edge - Georgia.
18. Minnesota Vikings (From Miami) - Sven - Christian Darrisaw - OT - Virginia Tech.
19. Washington- fuey - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Linebacker - Notre Dame
20. Miami Dolphins (From Chicago via Minnesota) - Blacky - Kwity Paye - Edge - Michigan
21. Indianapolis Colts - Kangas_11 - Jaelan Phillips - Defensive End - Miami
22. Tennessee Titans- Dannyreed - Greg Newsome II - Cornerback - Northwestern
23. New York Jets (from Seattle) - Dixie Flatline - Teven Jenkins - Offensive Tackle - Oklahoma State
24. Pittsburgh Steelers - andana - Mac Jones - Quarterback - Alabama
25. Jacksonville Jaguars (from LA Rams) - fuey - Jalen Mayfield - Offensive Tackle - Michigan
26. Cleveland Browns - AmericanCrow - Patrick Jones II - Edge - Pittsburgh
27. Baltimore Ravens - drd23 - Rashod Bateman - Wide Receiver - Minnesota
28. New Orleans Saints - BeinPurplenGreen - Najee Harris - Running Back - Alabama
29. Green bay Packers- aussiedude - Alex Leatherwood - Offensive Tackle / Guard - Alabama
30. Buffalo Bills - Brasher - Asante Samuel Jr - Cornerback - Florida State
31. Kansas City Chiefs - Monocle - Dillon Radunz - Offensive Tackle - North Dakota State
32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - GG.exe - Daviyon Nixon - Defensive Tackle - Iowa


33. Jacksonville Jaguars - fuey - Kadarius Toney - Wide Receiver - Florida
34. New York Jets - Dixie Flatline - Creed Humphrey - Centre - Oklahoma
35. Atlanta Falcons - Dannyreed - Zaven Collins - Linebacker - Tulsa
36. Miami Dolphins (From Houston) - Blacky - Trevon Moehrig - Safety - TCU
37. Philadelphia Eagles - rumply - Jayson Oweh - Defensive End - Penn State
38. Cincinatti Bengals - Sven - Samuel Cosmi - Offensive Tackle - Texas
39. Carolina Panthers - A11dAtP0w3R - Kellen Mond - Quarterback - Texas A and M
40. Denver Broncos - Blacky - Christian Barmore - Defensive Tackle - Alabama
41. Detroit Lions - drd23 - Jamin Davis - Linebacker - Kentucky
42. New York Giants - bgt2110 - Pat Freiermuth - Tight End - Penn State.
43. San Fransisco 49ers - Brasher - Joseph Ossai - Edge - Texas
44. Dallas Cowboys - nobbyiscool - Jackson Carman - Offensive Tackle - Clemson
45. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Minnesota) - fuey - Nick Bolton - Outside Linebacker - Missouri
46. Kansas City (From New England) - Monocle - Terrance Marshall Jr - Wide Receiver - LSU
47. Los Angeles Chargers catters078 - Tyson Campbell - Cornerback - Georgia
48. Las Vegas Raiders -Chewy316 - Richie Grant - Safety - UCF
49. Indianapolis Colts (From Arizona) - Kangas_11 - Walker Little - Offensive Tackle - Stanford
50. Miami Dolphins - Blacky - Travis Ettiene - Running Back - Clemson
51. Washington - fuey - Landon Dickerson - Guard/Centre - Alabama
52. Minnesota (from Chicago) - Sven - Dyami Brown - Wide Receiver - North Carolina
53. Tennessee Titans - Dannyreed - Rondale Moore - Wide Receiver - Purdue
54. Arizona Cardinals (From Indianapolis) - aussiedude - Brady Christianson - Offensive Tackle - BYU
55. Pittsburgh Steelers - andana - Javonte Williams - Running Back - North Carolina
56. Tampa Bay Bucaneers (from Seattle) - GG.exe - Ronnie Perkins - Edge - Oklahoma
57. Los Angeles Rams - catters078 - Carlos Basham - Edge - Wake Forest
58. Baltimore Ravens - drd23 - Quinn Meinerz - Offensive Guard - Wisconsin-Whitewater
59. Cleveland Browns - AmericanCrow - Aaron Robinson - Corneback - UCF
60. New Orleans Saints - BeinPurplenGreen Jevon Holland - Safety - Oregon
61. Buffalo Bills - Brasher Liam Eichenburg - Offensive Tackle - Notre Dame
62. Green Bay Packers - aussiedude - Paulson Adebo - Defensive Back - Stanford
63. New England Patriots (From Kansas City) - Monocle Kyle Trask - Quarterback - Florida
64. Seattle Seahawks (From Tampa Bay) - gaskin - Eric Stokes - Cornerback - Georgia

Round 3

65. Jacksonville Jaguars - fuey - Jamar Johnson - Safety -Indiana
66. New York Jets - Dixie Flatline - Ifeatu Melifonwu - Cornerback - Syrqcuse
67. Houston Texas - Dixie Flatline - Amon-Ra - St Brown -Wide Receiver- USC
68. Atlanta Falcons - Dannyreed - Joe Tyron - Linebacker - Washington
69. Cincinatti Bengals - Sven - Levi Onwuzurike - Defensive Tackle - Washington
70. Philadelphia Eagles - rumply - Olaijah Griffin - Cornerback - USC
71. Denver Broncos - Blacky - Jabrill Cox - Linebackler - LSU
72. Detroit Lions - drd23 - Elijah Moore - Wide Receiver - Ole Miss
73. Carolina Panthers - A11dAtP0w3R - Shi Smith - Wide Receiver - South Carolina
74. Washington (From San Fransisco) - fuey - Elijah Molden - Safety - Washington
75. Dallas Cowboys - nobbyiscool - Jay Tufele - Defensive Tackle - USC
76. New York Giants - bgt2110 - Chazz Surratt - Linebacker - North Carolina
77. Forfeited Pick - New England Patriots
78. Los Angeles Chargers - catters078 - Trey Surmon - Running Back - Ohio State
79. Minnesota Vikings - Sven - Wyatt Davis - Guard - Ohio State
80. Las Vegas Raiders (From Arizona) - Chewy316 - Spencer Brown - Offensive Tackle - Northern Iowa
81. Las Vegas Raiders - Chewy316 - Robert Rochell - Cornerback - Central Arkansas
82. Miami Dolphins - Blacky - Brevin Jordan - Tight End - Miami
83. Washington - fuey - Tay Gowan - Cornerback - Central Florida
84. Chicago Bears - catters078 - D'Wayne Eskridge - Wide receiver - Western Michigan
85. Philadelphia Eagles (From Indianapolis) - rumply - Pete Werner - Linebacker - Ohio State
86. Tennessee Titans - Dannyreed - Alim McNeil - Defensive Tackle - North Carolina State
87. New York Jets (From Seattle) - Dixie Flatline - Dylan Moses - Linebacker - Alabama
88. Pittsburgh Steelers - andana - Josh Myers - Centre - Ohio State
89. Los Angeles Rams - catters078 - Trey Smith - Guard - Tennessee
90. Cleveland Browns - AmericanCrow - Tylan Wallace - Wide Receiver - Oklahoma State
91. Chicago Bears (From Baltimore vis Minnesota) - catters078 - Camryn Bynum - Cornerback - Cal
92. Cleveland Browns (From New Orleans) - AmericanCrow - Dan Moore - Guard/OT - Texas A and M
93. Green Bay Packers - aussiedude - Aaron Banks - Guard- Notre Dame
94. Buffalo Bills - Brasher - Jermar Jefferson - Running Back - Oregon State
95. New England Patriots (From Kansas City) - Monocle - Israel Mukuama - Cornerback - South Carolina
96. Seattle Seahawks (From Tampa Bay) - gaskin - Nico Collins - Wide Receiver - Michigan
97. New England Patriots - Monocle - Stone Forsythe - Offensive Tackle - Florida
98. Los Angeles Chargers - catters078 - Andre Cisco - Safety- Syracuse
99. New Orleans Saints - BeinPurplenGreen - Marvin Wilson - Defensive Tackle - Florida State
100. Dallas Cowboys - nobbyiscool - Tutu Atwell - Wide Receiver - Louisville
101. Tennessee Titans - Dannyreed - James Hudson - Offensive Tackle - Cincinatti
102. Detroit Lions (From Rams) - drd23 - Kelvin Joseph - Cornerback - Kentucky
103. San Fransisco 49ers - Brasher - Amari Rodgers - Wide Receiver - Clemson
104. Los Angeles Rams - catters078 - Hamsah Nasirildeen - Safety - Florida State
105. Baltimore Ravens - drd23 - Payton Turner - Edge - Houston
106. New Orleans Saints - BeinPurplenGreen - Davis Mills - Quarterback - Stanford

Round 4

107. Jacksonville Jaguars - fuey - Hunter Long - Tight End - Boston College
108. New York Jets - Dixie Flatline - Michael Carter - Running Back - North Carolina
109. Atlanta Falcons - Dannyreed - Ar'Darius Washington - Safety - TCU
110. Houston Texans - Dixie Flatline - Milton Williams - Defensive Tackle - Louisiana Tech
111. Cleveland Browns (From Philadelphia) - AmericanCrow - Royce Newman - Guard - Ole Miss
112. Cincinatti Bengals - Sven - Tommy Tremble - Tight End - Notre Dame
113. Detroit Lions - drd23 - Marlon Tuipulotu - Defensive Tackle - USC
114. Carolina Panthers - A11dAtP0w3R - No Pick
115. Denver Broncos - Blacky - Kenneth Gainwell - Running Back - Memphis
116. Dallas Cowboys - nobbyiscool - Rashad Weaver - Defensive End - Pittsburgh
117. New York Giants - bgt2110 - Kendrick Green - Offensive Tackle - Illinois
118. San Fransisco 49ers - Brasher - D'Ante Smith - Offensive Tackle - East Carolina
119. Los Angeles Chargers - catters078 - Sage Surratt - Wide Receiver - Wake Forrest
120. Minnesota Vikings - Sven - Baron Browning - Linebacker - Ohio State
121. New England Patriots - Monocle - Josh Palmer - Wide Receiver - Tennessee
122. Las Vegas Raiders - Chewy316 - Tommy Doyle - Offensive Tackle - Miami (Ohio)

123. New England Patriots (from Arizona) - Monocle
124. Philadelphia Eagles (From Miami) - rumply
125. Washington - fuey
126. Minnesota Vikings - From Chicago - Sven
127. Tennessee Titans - Dannyreed
128. Arizona Cardinals (From Colts)- aussiedude
129. Pittsburgh Steelers - andana
130. Seattle Seahawks - gaskin
131. Jacksonville Jaguars (From LA Rams) - fuey
132. Baltimore Ravens - drd23
133. Cleveland Browns - AmericanCrow
134. New Orleans Saints - BeinPurplenGreen
135. Minnesota Vikings (From Buffalo) - Sven
136. Green Bay Packers - aussiedude
137. Kansas City Chiefs - Monocle
138. Tampa Bay Bucaneers - GG.exe
139. Dallas Cowboys - nobbyiscool
140. Kansas City Chiefs (From New England) - Monocle
141. Pittsburgh Steelers - andana
142. Los Angeles Rams - catters078
143. Green Bay Packers - aussiedude
144. Minnesota Vikings - Sven
145. Kansas City Chiefs - Monocle

The Vikings get picks 20, 52, and 208 from the Bears and give up 14 and 90 in return.

The Vikings trade back up to 18 and by giving picks 20, 157, 199, and 208 to the Dolphins

Kansas City acquire pick 46 (and 140) from New England in exchange for picks 63, and 95

Indianapolis acquire pick 49 in exchange for Arizona receiving picks 54 and 128

Hawks give 56, 250 - Bucs give 64, 95, 217
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Statistically Impossible
Mar 9, 2005
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1- Jacksonville Jaguars
QB - Trevor Lawrence - Clemson

Jags are in need of many things, first and foremost a new owner, and then probably a new coach. Both are not going to happen for another two years at least. So next on the list is a franchise QB. That choice can be none other than Lawrence. And if Meyer and co. don't fu** him up, should be the face of the franchise for the next 15 years.

Lawrence seems to have been fated to be the #1 overall pick since the run to the 2018 National Championship. He seems to have every physical tool imaginable, and there's really very little he can be faulted for on the field. He makes all the throws, comfortable and accurate throwing deep, better than mobile, he's a genuine threat with his legs and can throw on the run too. Sees the entire field, goes through his progressions yada yada yada.

Alright, we get it... he's as safe a bet as we've seen since Peyton Manning. With 'perfect' prospects such as Lawrence, if there's going to be a chink in the armour it'll be above the shoulders. But he seems to have that going for him too. Half-threw his defence under a bus in his post-game presser after the Ohio St. loss, but followed that with comments shouldering the blame. Seems very level headed, confident but not brash and seems to understand the work is still required and there's more to come.

+ Strong arm
+ Great accuaracy
+ Athletic for a QB, but not a RB.

- Has long hair
- Wears a bucket hat voluntarily

NFL equivalent- Patrick Mahomes-lite. But taller. I don't think he has as much x-factor as Mahomes. Maybe a better version of Josh Allen.

Dixie Flatline
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Dixie Flatline

Jun 3, 2005
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Cartagena C.F., NYJ, A's
With pick 2, the New York Jets select Zach Wilson, QB, Brigham Young University

The Jets find themselves at the top of the draft once again, looking for a quarterback once again, after the previous great hope, Sam Darnold, pretty much washed out of New York after some uninspiring gameplay over the past few seasons. The Jets fired their staff after the season ended, and hired first time head coach Robert Saleh, who in turn promptly hired former 49ers passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur as offensive coordinator. Wilson is probably a better fit for the style of offence that everyone expects LaFleur to install with the Jets, especially when compared to the other quarterbacks in the running for selection with the pick. At 6'3", 210 pounds, Wilson has the requisite size to play quarterback in the NFL, and he has the arm strength to make all the throws. The Jets will need to keep working on Wilson's decision making capability. After a fairly poor 2019, Wilson recorded some very exciting numbers in 2020, but the quality of the competition he faced will work against him. The west coast offence that LaFleur will likely install will be quarterback friendly and with Corey Davis, Jamison Crowder and Denzel Mims among the pass-catchers that he'll have the opportunity to work with, he does have some talent to target on the field.

Blacky and the Dolphins on the clock

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The King
May 9, 2006
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Denver Broncos & Gold City Royals
With pick 3 the Miami Dolphins select:


Penei Sewell - T - University of Oregon

At 6’6 325 lbs he is a bulldozer. He could be the best prospect in the draft. Long and powerful - as dominant in the run game as as a pass protector.

Only knock is his footwork, but it’s a small issue and one that can be coached at the next level.

With the Phins committed to Tua for another year their best bet is to surround him. What better way to do that than add an elite LT.

Dannyreed you are up.


Team Captain
Aug 2, 2018
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Boston Celtics
With the 4th overall pick Atlanta Falcons select: Kyle Pitts, Tight End, Florida


Failing a trade back and with Matt Ryan's new contract extension Atlanta are left in a position that most positional needs would be a reach at this point of the draft. With new GM Terry Fontenot bringing his 'BPA' strategy from New Orleans and new HC Arthur Smith having his roots as a TE coach this marriage makes sense to me. At 6' 6" 245lbs Kyle Pitts is destined to be a mismatch nightmare in the passing game for years to come in the NFL. He has rare speed and athleticism for his physical profile with his physical traits being compared to Calvin Johnson which should get Falcons fans excited. Pitts can line up outside, in the slot or in a traditional tight end alignment. He is a natural pass catcher that is fluid and agile in his routes like a receiver, but he plays to his TE frame and is strong in contested catch situations. Pitts has the chance to be a generational talent at Tight End who can dominate games he will need to become a better blocker as he can be abit vertical and can get pushed back at times. In short Pitts could be a top 3 TE in the league and a top 10 overall receiver type player in the NFL

The Bengals and Sven are on the clock


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 6, 2006
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Vikings, South Fremantle
After entertaining a trade down (which I think is almost certain in the real draft) the Bengals stay at 5 and take WR Ja’Marr Chase, LSU.


The Bengals can afford to go BPA with this pick, and throughout the draft, and Chase is top of my board.

it’s hard to replace a HOF calibre player like A.J Green, but Chase could do it...

rumply is on the clock


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 11, 2002
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Iggles, 76ers.
Pick 6 & still reeling from seeing Pitts & Chase off the board, Howie was about to press the 'Justin Fields' button before Jeff started wagging his finger in Howie's face & sent him to sit in the corner. Welcome to Philly Jaylen Waddle!

drd23 OTC


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Feb 28, 2009
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Baltimore Ravens, Atletico
With the 7th pick, the Detroit Lions select DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama

There's a reason he is the most commonly mocked player to the Lions - he's an elite prospect who just won the Heisman and the Lions are devoid of talent at the position after seeing their top 3 WRs from last year leave in FA. I think they'd prefer Pitts or Chase, but Smith is definitely worth the 7th pick

A11dAtP0w3R OTC


Strong DNA
Oct 18, 2013
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Carolina Panthers. Zach Wilson.
With the 8h pick the Panthers select... Rashawn Slater LT Northwestern


(Ideally with this thinking I'd try trade back a few spots IRL)

Why no QB? 1) Dont rate others or the ones available highly enough. 2) Slater is my 1b tackle to Sewell, one of the very select few to give Chase Young the business in college. Instead of having to start Cam Erving in 2021 how about solidifying the position for the next 12-15 years instead for when we either draft or trade for our next franchise QB. With Slater and Moton as our ends i feel much better about things.

Blacky up
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The King
May 9, 2006
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Denver Broncos & Gold City Royals
With the 9th pick in the 2021 NFL draft the Denver Broncos select


Justin Fields, QB from Ohio State.

Zero chance old mate is here on the actual day. Many have reverted to asking what QBs The Buckeyes have produced, but same could have been said for Texas Tech not that long ago.

Fields isn’t a perfect prospect, but he is accurate and athletic. Concern regarding making reads and going through progressions, but the talent is too high to ignore.

Broncos are a pretty complete team outside of QB, so expect this pick if he is available (he won’t be).


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Aug 11, 2006
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With holes all over the defence, but money spent on the d-line in FA, the Dallas Cowboys make the 2nd most predictable selection in the draft.

Patrick Surtain II - Corner - University of Alabama

To me there's no doubt he's the best defensive back in the draft, and he might end up being the best defensive player in this draft. It's like Farley has been given the "higher ceiling" treatment because he sat out a year - but I haven't seen anything on his tape that made me switch from Surtain, especially with Surtain having that experience coming out of one of college football's more pro-style defences. Well over 6 foot, and with press coverage skills - really aggressive press coverage skills - that jump off the screen more than anything else, he might have a field day against 3 NFC East teams that don't really have a WR1.

The knock on him is that he seems to be pure shutdown. He's not a guy who is going to make huge plays or multiple picks a season, and there's some evidence to suggest he can get lost when deep and in the middle of the field.

Note: I feel like there's a rider on this, like with many picks to date, that we'd actually be trading back here to someone who wants one of the QBs and boosting the haul. Even if we went back too far and missed Surtain, you can then come back in for Farley.

bgt2110 and the Giants are on the clock.


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Feb 1, 2011
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Houston Texans, Basin Bears
Pick 11 New York Giants

Am sure the draft strategy has changed at the Giants since picking up Golladay in Free Agency who will now be there Number 1 WR. I would have taken Kyle Pitts here at 11 if he had of fallen a little further from the Falcons. I think there is now scope for the Giants to grab a pass rusher at this spot. This guy should complement Leonard Williams but as he opted out of the 2020 season he is being judged on his 2019 highlights.

The Giants select -

Gregory Rousseau - DE/LB Miami


Brasher and the 49ers up next
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Jul 3, 2006
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With the 12 Pick in the 2021 NFL Draft the 49ers select Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech.


49ers could go a number of ways here and their defensive scheme relies very much on front 4 pressure to take the load off the defensive backfield.

Without a viable passrushing prospect at 12 the 49ers decide to stiffen the pass defense by selecting a cornerback who has a chance to start from day one. Farley has all the physical measurables to develop into a premier NFL corner with the added bonus of being able to fit into any defensive scheme asked of him. The 49ers like their corners big and physical so he wont be overawed going up against some of the monster WRs and pass catching TEs in the league. With the departure of Sherman he can slot in as a day one starter on the left side, where he played, like Sherman, almost exclusively.

The only knocks here is being limited in recent appearances and hindered by some injuries, the latter fits also nicely into the 49ers recent player movements.

catters078 is on the clock.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2007
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Dallas Stars, Chargers
With the 13 Pick in the 2021 NFL Draft the Los Angeles Chargers select Alijah Vera-Tucker, Guard/Tackle, USC


The Chargers have a significant need to ensure their Young Franchise Quarterback gets to operate behind a robust and dominant Offensive Line. After steadying the centre position in Free Agency by signing former Packers mainstay Corey Linsey, this pick adds the most versatile Lineman in the draft.

With an ability to start at Guard or Left Tackle, Vera-Tucker gives strength on the left side of the Offensive Line. Played the 2019 season at Guard then the 2020 season at Tackle, he only allowed 8 pressures on 315 passing plays last season.

Likely to start next season at Guard, but having versatility to move to where LA build will be key to a consistent and Deep O line to protect Justin Herbert.
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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2007
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Dallas Stars, Chargers
With the 14th Pick in the 2021 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears select Trey Lance, Quarterback, North Dakota State


Chicago has made its intentions clear. Its time to find this team its QB of the future. A playoff team this season, the Bears are strong Quarterback play away from being a contender in the NFC.

Chicago trades up 6 spots to nab Lance, 6 Foot 4 Dual threat QB with a powerful arm. Behind a strong O line and running game Lance would have the tools to excel with medium to long range throws, as well as run the QB option to split for long running plays

In his (brief) college career, Lance threw for 30 TDS and ran for a futher 18 rushing TDs.

With Chicago having Andy Dalton and Nick Foles in the QB room, Lance wont start right away and will be developed. But his immense talent gives Chicago optimism at the QB position.

Monocle and the Patriots are OTC


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 18, 2003
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Claremont NE Patriots Eagles AFLW
I will keep this simple and post more in detail latter.
Family over for dinner ..... Mrs Monocle not happy about me shooting out to check the draft board.. lol .... she will get over it.

OK taking who I believe is the best player still on the board and this would be a copybook Belichick pick.

With the 15th Pick in the 2021 Draft: The New England Patriots select Micah Parsons, Linebacker, Penn State.


The Beast of Burden.

As I said will post more latter.

aussiedude Arizona is on the clock.


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Feb 7, 2010
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Green Bay Packers, Stanford
Arizona pick

Jaycee horn, Corner, South Carolina

Arizona needs help on D, and letting Pat Pete go is a sign of where to start. The son of former NFL WR Joe Horn Jaycee is someone who can help Arizona start to transform the secondary. He will play a more physical game and will lead to drawing flags, Horn will use his speed to break on balls. He is a risk/reward player that will frustrate fans at times. But Arizona will be betting on his upside and teaching him new techniques to take out some of the inconsistencies in his game.

Chewy316 OTC
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Jul 1, 2014
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Lakers, Ducks, Yankees
With the 17th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select Azeez Ojulari, Edge, Georgia.

images (9).jpeg

The Raiders bolstered their D Line in free agency and add another edge rusher to give DC Gus Bradley a further weapon to get after the QB.

Blacky you're OTC


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 6, 2006
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West Coast
Other Teams
Vikings, South Fremantle
The Vikings trade back up to 18 and by giving picks 20, 157, 199, and 208 to the Dolphins and take:

Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech.


Darrisaw will slot into the starting lineup at Vikings straight away at either LT or LG and is an ideal fit for the outside zone scheme the Vikings use.

fuey is OTC


Statistically Impossible
Mar 9, 2005
AFL Club
WFT take:

The Football team is in desperate need of a franchise signal caller, but they're not going to find one at this spot, and have too many holes to mortgage the future in trading up. So I think the best move is making a strong defense even stronger, and while they're steady on the second level, they could really use a playmaker.

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah LB Notre Dame

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