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Brownlow Medallist
Feb 7, 2010
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Green Bay Packers, Stanford
The Green Bay Packers select

Paulson Adebo -- Defensive Back -- Stanford

Adebo would of been a first round pick last season even after a down 2019 season in comparison to the '18 season. Due to Covid and and some other factors within the Pac-12 Adebo was one of the players to opt out of the 2020 season.

Adebo will be a complementary Corner playing opposite Alexander and at times play the nickel against the more dangerous slot WR's. Adebo has length that will allow the Packers to play more press and has a nice punch to jam at the LoS. He has a good read of the field and will come off his assignment to help break up passes and tackle.

Monocle OTC


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 18, 2003
Western Suburbs : Perth
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Claremont NE Patriots Eagles AFLW
With Pick # 63 New England Select: Kyle Trask. QB . Florida. 6' 5'' 240 lbs


It should come as no surprise that new England at some point in the draft, select a QB.

This years QB cohort is an odd mix, with IMO, only two of them worthy of consideration to be drafted in the top ten picks.
The next three of the cohort are IMO players who fall into the 10 -20 range, however supply and demand, will see a run early on these QB's that will see teams over reach for fear of missing out of a QB.

All others outside the top two QB's, have their limitations and its going to be interesting to see who pulls the trigger at which point in the draft.

OK back to Trask, sure he doesn't fit the current trend of being a duel threat QB that can mix it up with passing and running the ball himself.

There is no denying that Trask is predominantly a pocket passer, but he is a very good one at that.
His lack of mobility has lead him to become a crafty pocket passer, that has seen his develop into a patient and poised QB thats holds his nerve as the pocket collapses around him.
He makes good decisions and he doesn't turn the ball over often with many interceptions.
He has a decent arm strength on him with out having a deep long throw on him , but we he does possess is a very accurate arm.

He is a big lump of a kid, that has had to scratch and claw his way to becoming a starting College QB.
Having to bide his time and wait for the opportunities to open up for him to become a starter, highlight his competitive nature.

Character wise Trask is described as very hard working and focused, humble, grounded and well respected in the locker room due to his leadership qualities.

Why New England:

Belichick wont be phased by Trasks lack of mobility as he has successfully managed to work with a player with similar limitations for 20 of the last 21 years.
New England's game will suit Trask as he wont be asked to force the ball down the field, so schematically he is a fit for New England.

If I could sum up Trask in three words it would be:


Wind back the clock and here is verbatim from Belichick's Cleveland Browns file notes what he looks for and wants in a QB:

" QB #1 Is to make good decisions - then arm, size, physically tough, leadership, guys look up to and have confidence in, a real competitor.
Accurate rather than guy with a cannon.
Emphasis on our game will be on decision, timing, accuracy - Guy needs to be confident, intelligence is important but not as much so as field awareness & judgement.
Can't be sloppy fundamentally unsound guy w/ball handling tech's etc.

Footwork, drops, release, etc - QB has to be able to throw the ball with accuracy. "

Now fast forward to this draft and combine what BB looks for and likes in his QB's - with what Trask brings to a team, I think there may well be genuine interest at New England for a player like Trask .

I think he is very underrated and could surprise in few years, he will learn some things, that will help his game, by studying the Mad Hatter for a year or two.

When I traded back from 46 - 63 I specifically had Trask in mind, as I think at around the early third round mark, is where he comes off the board.
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Dixie Flatline

Jun 3, 2005
Leafy eastern suburbs
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Cartagena C.F., NYJ, A's
New York Jets select Ifeatu Melifonwu - CB - Syracuse

The Jets spent their first three picks of the Robert Saleh regime on the offence, and now turn their attention to bolstering the defence and, in particular, the secondary. The Jets' secondary was pretty much a dumpster fire last season (although it improved once the Jets finally cut free agent bust Pierre Desir part way through the season). The Jets are currently likely to start Blessaun Austin and Bryce Hall at the corners, with LaMarcus Joyner and Ashtyn Davis at strong and free safety respectively. Saleh's defence doesn't necessarily put corners on an island, but it is pretty clear that the Jets need to address the cornerback position in the draft.

With the top tier cornerbacks already drafted, the Jets are pretty pleased to see Melifonwu still on the board as we enter the third round. Melifonwu has all the athletic traits necessary to be a starting outside cornerback in the NFL. Measuring a few inches short of 6'3", and weighing 212 pounds, Melifonwu is a pretty impressive physical specimen, which will help the Jets to combat the trend towards opponents playing the larger receivers on the perimeter of the offence. Melifonwu has two seasons as a starter with the Orange under his belt, so it's not like he's new to the position. Having said all that, there's a reason that he's available in the third round. Melifonwu is strong as a run defender, but occasionally can get lost in coverage, so there's a risk that his receiver will shake free and be able to make a play on the ball without the close coverage that is expected of Melifonwu. A fundamental component of being an NFL cornerback is the back-pedal, and the tape suggests that Melifonwu needs to improve his back-pedal to ensure that he keeps the receiver in front of him. But it's not like he's completely bereft of the football intelligence required to play cornerback at a high level, and it will be up to Saleh, his defensive coordinator and the defensive backs coach to put him in the best position to succeed.
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Dixie Flatline

Jun 3, 2005
Leafy eastern suburbs
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Cartagena C.F., NYJ, A's
Houston Texans select Amon-Ra St Brown - WR - USC

The Texans enter the draft at pick 67 overall and are pretty pleased to find a good talent to address one of many glaring needs on the Texans' roster. Thanks to crazy ol' BOB, the Texans lack talent at the wide receiver position, with DeAndre Hopkins now catching passes from Kyler Murray and Will Fuller leaving the Texans in the off-season. Amon-Ra is the second of three St Brown brothers to enter the NFL. While his older brother Equanimeous hasn't exactly set the world on fire with the Packers, the Texans are pleased to select Amon-Ra, who profiles as a well-rounded receiver from USC.

Amon-Ra St Brown displays many of the traits that are needed to succeed as a wide receiver in the NFL. He's fluid, keeps his eyes on the football when it's in flight, and he has the hand strength necessary to pluck contested catches. Unfortunately, his play in 2020 dropped him from a potential first round talent to the third round (where the Texans stop his fall). Last season was plagued with drops and while he was previously a strong route-runner, he got sloppy in his cuts and breaks. Further, one knock on him is his speed, as he measured in at just 4.61 seconds for the 40 yard dash, which is by no means quick among wide receivers. On tape, St Brown looks like he plays faster than his measured 40 yard time, but it is a concern and possibly caps his upside in the NFL. Although he's a physically tough specimen, his size/length measurements are merely average for the position, as he checked in at just under 6 foot and weighs 198lb. While that hasn't been an impediment for some wide receivers, it does hurt his stock and puts a question mark on his ability to fight off press man coverage from more physically dominant corners. But the Texans can't afford to be too picky when looking at adding talent to a bereft roster.

Dannyreed on the clock.


Team Captain
Aug 2, 2018
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Boston Celtics
Atlanta Falcons select Joe Tryon OLB Washington

(Im on my phone so hopefully he hasn't been picked but I couldn't see it)
Tryon is great value at this spot. He is a very strong presence off the edge with violent hands. If he can get his hands on the TE or T he can generally win with power. He sets the edge very well in the run game and plays with huge energy on every play so will be able to be a 3 down OLB/DE type. Personally I would hope he gained some weight and played as a 4-3DE but he has the versatility to play OLB as well. He has great upside at this part of the draft especially for the Falcons who could use even an average starter at DE which I think Tryon could be year 1 with plenty of room to develop into something more.

Sven OTC

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The King
May 9, 2006
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Denver Broncos & Gold City Royals
With the 71st pick in the 2021 NFL draft the Denver Broncos select:


Jabrill Cox - LB - LSU

Should be provide an immediate impact in the LB rotation and address one of the key needs for the Broncos.

Think he could be a second rounder in the draft.


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 28, 2009
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Baltimore Ravens, Atletico
With the 72nd pick, the Lions select Elijah Moore, WR, Ole Miss

Almost purely a BPA pick, especially after having taken DeVonta Smith in the 1st round, but I just can't turn down the value here, especially considering the Lions don't have any real long term options at WR. He's PFF's 20th ranked prospect, 43rd on Daniel Jeremiah's rankings and is regularly picked in the early 2nd round in mock drafts all over.

Stuck behind DK Metcalf and AJ Brown during his early college career, Moore was extremely productive in 2020, leading the nation in catches per game and yards per game while reeling in a team record 86 catches.

A11dAtP0w3R OTC


Enjoying my teams losses more than I should 😙
Oct 18, 2013
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Carolina Panthers. Zach Wilson.
Probably too early but zero tucks given..

With the 73rd pick the Panthers select Shi Smith WR Sth Carolina

Have had my eye on Smith for a bit now, dealt with extremely poor QB play at SC, he's got some talent, maybe not as talented as Curtis Samuel but perfectly capable of playing a similar style of role for us out of the slot with the ability to make contested catches and be a deep threat also when his name is called.
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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 11, 2006
Democratic People's Republic of Victoria
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West Coast
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With the 75th pick of the draft, the Dallas Cowboys select

Jay Tufele, DT, USC

Tough pick this one, cos there's a real positional need here for the Cowboys. They picked up some interior linemen in FA, but they're more depth players, and they still have a weakness in run defence.

When Onwuzerike went off the board there were 3 - possibly 4 - DTs that you could've tossed up as being the next best, and Tufele might be the third ranked of those guys, but:
- a lot of the top ranked DTs in this draft are being rated off one good season
- a few of them opted out or only played 5 games, making it difficult to rate them
- the other 2 guys that I was weighing up are undersized for our needs..

So it's Tufele for the simple reason that he's the biggest, he's proven to be the best run-stuffer of the DTs left, and cos as I said with my previous pick I'd prefer to draft guys that I've seen a bit of, as opposed to drafting a C-USA lineman that you might've seen once or twice on a Tuesday or Friday night game.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2007
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Dallas Stars, Chargers
With pick 78 Los Angeles Chargers select Trey Surmon, Running Back, Ohio State.

Surged up draft boards after 2 monster showings in back 2 back games last season. In the BIG10 championship game vs a strong Northwestern defense Surmon saved Ohio State when Fields and the passing attack was struggling , Surmon rushed for 331 yards and 2 TDs. He complimented this with 193 yards and a TD in the Semi Final vs Clemson.

Surmon has prototyoical RB1 size with great vision and cuts. Will compliment Ekeler in the Chargers running game.

Sven and the Vikings OTC.


Premiership Player
Jul 1, 2014
Adelaide, Australia
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Port Adelaide
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Lakers, Ducks, Yankees
With the 80th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select Spencer Brown, OT, Northern Iowa.

Brown didn't play last season due to COVID but he has spent his entire collegiate career on the right side and will be a plug and play right tackle from day 1 should the Raiders elect not to sign a veteran after the draft. Brown has extremely similar physical traits to left tackle Kolton Raiders whom the Raiders drafted in 2018.

With the 81st pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select Robert Rochell, CB, Central Arkansas.


A true workout warrior who will need time to adjust in the NFL, but has all of the physical traits necessary to play in Gus Bradley's cover 3 scheme.

Blacky is now OTC.

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