2021 Board Elections

Which candidate will you be voting for?

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hey shorty

Jun 15, 2005
Where the Hills have eyes
AFL Club
Other Teams
AUFC, Everton, Sturt
How's the crazy chick that goes to her favourite peel st venue 6 weekly. She's played footy all her life but then says she was banned after primary school. So basically played in primary school. What a *******.
Every candidate did have their desperate attempts to gain relevance with supporters, that was the most desperate.

FWIW Bread and Bone is the best Peel St venue.

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Kane McGoodwin

May 21, 2001
Floating around the Universe
AFL Club
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Adelaide Crows
My cousin part owns la rambla, we always start there with food.
Best la rambla is in Barcelona. Lived off Paella & red wine.

Recently found 3 colourful prints which bought from a steet artists years ago... which a week ago finally framed & hung up in my recently renovated living room.


Premium Platinum
Mar 7, 2015
AFL Club
My initial two cents...

Nick is AFC through and through. Which is exactly why it would be a waste of time appointing him to the board, he offers nothing we lack, want or need. Pass.

Kym's deficiencies are well covered above. Likes the sound of his own voice but hasn't backed up a single thing he promised. Pass.

Donny gives me a bad vibe. One of those older women who views her personal success in a male-dominated world not with any actual understanding of structural barriers but rather through a lens of self-congratulation for not being useless like most other women who would just achieve everything she has if they'd just tried a bit harder. Pass.

Shanti is it for me. Her blurb reads the least desperate / most honest, and she won me over with: "This means better, more direct and honest communication, this means members being consulted and included in decisions, and it means members being heard by the Board and receiving a response."

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