Podcast 2021 Bombercast - Episode 7 available - Mid-season review with boncer34, jmoo wan and Dero - Listen now on YouTube, Spotify and itunes!

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Formerly "Dos23"
Jul 11, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
Melbourne Storm

As most (some) of you know other Bigfooty boards have their own podcast, in the past we've had our very own special one here with varying levels of success.​

The mods have approved my attempt to again get one up and going for this board to talk all things Essendon both the team and the Bigfooty board with a sprinkling of fu** other clubs thrown on top.

So what am I looking for? I'm looking for volunteers!

Volunteers to be guests on the show and ideally a couple of volunteers to share the editing around so when Doss throws in his 50th "Yeah nah I guess" we can remove some of them. In a perfect world we need multiple volunteers so we're only asking you to appear/edit once every 3 or so weeks. Many hands make light work etc.

I'm also looking for ideas, segments, points of interest that people would be interested in listening to.

Fire away people.
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