Competitions 2021 Closest to the Pin - JuniorWatch retains the lead after round 8!

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Moderator ❀
Dec 14, 2015
AFL Club
Guess the margin for our game each week. Sign up now for a Round 1 start :)

State the margin (and winner) for our game each week
2. Closest to the pin wins each week
3. Overall winner will be the poster with the lowest aggregate at the end of the year (round 23 or whatever our last game is inc. finals). A draw will be decided with a count back (closest to the pin in round 23, if still drawn then round 22, etc.)
4. If you forget to post your guess before the opening bounce then your guess from the previous round will be recycled, rather than being disqualified or missing out.

Essendon defeated West Coast by 61 points in Round 9. If you had tipped West Coast by 20 points then you would be 81 points off, whereas if you tipped Essendon by 20 then you'd be 41 points off.

Shiny badge and bragging rights
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