Competition 2021 Comp - So You Think We Won't Clash - Week 12 - Carlton Blues

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Nickimus Rex

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Mar 30, 2014
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Brisbane Lions

Welcome to week 12!

Last week,magpienato received a concussion after a nasty knock with a goal post in the final moments of the poll, allowing just_kick_it to kick a pearler in the last 2 minutes. DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER!

The mystery box has now been re-sealed and can only ever be reopened if someone gets the ability to travel back to 1955, steel the sports almanac and use it to change the future from the past. Thereby changing the past, and creating an alternate future, so someone can go back, change the past and again changing the future.


... wot?

This week we are all back to normal, though, with just_kick_it selecting Carlton as their team, and their colour is Chamois.


The Rules

  • You must build a single AFL kit for this weeks chosen AFL team using the specific colour mentioned above as the primary colour. This colour is chosen from all the colours ever worn by the selected team. Please try to stick specifically to the colour, as subsequent teams may use different shades of the same colour spectrum.
  • Only a jersey is required, but you are welcome to make a full kit.
  • The jersey cannot be an exact replica/recolour of existing or previous jerseys.
  • A winner is chosen by voting.
  • The winner of each week chooses the next team.
  • Please post your winning team choice along with your entry
  • Each subsequent team will use a unique colour to each team.
  • Standard AFL logo/sponsors and placement apply
  • Entries for this comp will run until Saturday 1st of May


Previous Weeks winning design:

Week 1 Melbourne - Magpienato
Week 2 GWS - exile
Week 3 Sydney - Magpienato
Week 4 Essendon - Fancyscum
Week 5 Fremantle - GB Designs
Week 6 Brisbane - Fancyscum
Week 7 Adelaide - just_kick_it
Week 8 Geelong - GB Designs
Week 9 Port Adelaide - mk1ne
Week 10 St Kilda - magpienato
Week 11 Umpires - just_kick_it

Any questions, please ask!
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