Game Day 2021 Crows AFL Draft Game: the game

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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
Memorial H
AFL Club
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#Antifa #NZ
The 2021 Crows AFL Gold Standard Covid-19 Free Draft Game

Regular Rules

1. If you believe you will be unavailable to take your pick, you can message me some preferences and I will pick the next available player in your list for you.

2. There will be a period at the end of the draft where you can delist any players you have drafted and re-draft from the remaining pool. This will come in handy if a player you draft picks up a long term injury while the draft is running. The order of re-drafting is first come, first served. Players who are delisted are ineligible for re-drafting by any team.

3. Your squad can contain a minimum of X and a maximum of X players. I recommend taking 30 players to maximize your chance of a high score in the Points System

4. There is a two hour time limit to take your pick between the hours of 9am and 8pm ACDT Monday to Friday, and 10am to 6pm Saturday to Sunday. There is no time limit outside these hours. The time limit also does not apply on Christmas Day (December 25th) and Boxing Day (December 26th). Please be understanding that many players have lives outside of BigFooty (hard to believe, I know) so don't be annoyed if a player takes their entire 2 hours to pick.

5. If you don't pick within your allocated time, the next player can draft immediately, however you can come back and draft at any time. If one of your picks is skipped, all future picks are also skipped until you return. Please message me preferences if you think you will be away for a while

6. Please tag the next player after you pick.

7. If you pick a player that has already been selected, or isn't on an AFL list, you can make your selection again at any time. However, you will be deemed to have made a selection so the game will continue; the participant after you can immediately start drafting, for example.

8. It's best practice in the game to not mention AFL players who haven't been selected yet in the general game thread

9. Players who join an AFL list during the game, eg. as a delisted free agent or through the SPP, are immediately eligible for drafting in this game.

10. If the 2021 season is f’ed up due to Covid or whatever, tough sh*t, it's the same for everyone

Ways to Win

--Voting System--

Once the game is finished, everyone will need to rank the top 8 teams and submit them to me via PM. You will have several weeks post draft to complete this. Expect follow up messages. The rankings will be combined into an overall top 8 for the competition.

When the top 8 is determined, the top 4 will go into a playoff system (1v4, 2v3) where you will vote again on the direct team matchups and who you think would be more likely to win. This progresses to a Grand Final, and the winner of that gets crowned Winner by Voting.

--Points System--

This is determined after the 2020 season concludes. Each player you draft accrues points as follows:

  • Games Played: 1 point per game
  • Brownlow Medal: 20 points for 1st place, 15 points for 2nd place, 13 points for 3rd place down to 1 point for 15th place
  • All Australian: 15 points for team, 5 points for squad
  • Coleman Medal: 15 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 15th place in the goal kicking list
  • Club B&F: 10 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 10th place
  • AFL Player Ratings: 10 points for 1st ranking at the player's club, down to 0 points for 30th ranking
  • AFLCA Coaches Award: 10 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 10th place
  • Norm Smith Medal: 10 points
  • 22under22: 5 points for team
  • Premiership Player: 5 points for each
  • Rising Star: 10 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 10th place

  • Every player drafted accrues points in full, up until a maximum of 484 games (22 players x 22 games) are played across your squad.
  • If your squad plays more than 484 games in total, the score for your lowest scoring players will not be counted proportional to how many games over the 484 limit your squad is
  • For example if your squad plays 490 games, and your lowest scoring player plays 10 games, 6/10 games will not count for that player, so only 40% of their score will be added to your total
There are also positional restrictions to ensure you don't draft a team of midfielders

  • Your team of 22 must include a minimum of 6 forwards, 6 defenders, and 6 midfielders.
  • Your team of 22 must have at least 2 rucks. Each ruck must average at least 2 hitouts per match to qualify.
  • Your team of 22 must have at least 2 key position forwards and at least 2 key position defenders.
  • Your emergency list must contain at least 1 defender and at least 1 forward.
  • All positions except for second ruck to be defined by the AFL Player Ratings System ( )
  • (Positional requirements are only to stop people 'cheating' by selecting an entire team of midfielders. I'm usually quite lenient on this aspect)
  • Failing to meet the positional requirements will result in 1/22th of your score being deducted for each required player that you fail to include in your squad.
  • For example if your best 22 only has 5 defenders, 4.5% of your final score will be deducted
The team with the most points at the conclusion of the 2020 season is concluded Winner by Points

Tips for the points system (for newcomers)

1. Draft players who you think will be All Australian. When there are none left, draft players who will place in the top 10 of the B&F. When there are none of those, draft players who will play 22 games.

2. A significant chunk of points are allocated to games played. Players with high games counts also tend to win awards and place in the B&F. Therefore in the later rounds it's generally a better strategy to draft mediocre players who are fringe best 22, than speculative players who might become best 22. This is especially true for younger players.

3. Be aware of the AFL Player Ratings. Highly ranked players there can improve your score even if they don't play. Conversely, young players enter the system with very low points from Player Ratings, so drafting first or second year players isn't always advisable

4. Try not to overrate Adelaide Crows players. Generally these players are snapped up sooner than they should be. Meanwhile players from a team like the Gold Coast can be on the board longer than they should be. Also we came last how good can we be?

5. Grab a key position forward in the first two rounds, otherwise they will be snapped up quickly. This happens every year.


Please put in a placeholder post for your team after the draft pick posts if you are playing.
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
Memorial H
AFL Club
Other Teams
#Antifa #NZ
Picks 1-90

Pick 1 (Donkey Magoo): Macrae, Jack
Pick 2 (Golumless): Martin, Dustin
Pick 3 (Deaneus!): Neale, Lachie
Pick 4 (Crow_68): Bontempelli, Marcus
Pick 5 (Mego Red): Petracca, Christian
Pick 6 (Coopers): Cripps, Patrick
Pick 7 (Pilchard_Adams): Hawkins, Tom
Pick 8 (ShadeyP): Fyfe, Nat
Pick 9 (TubbsFarquhar): Naitanui, Nic
Pick 10 (Danger in Texas): Dangerfield, Patrick
Pick 11 (Scorpus): Cameron, Jeremy
Pick 12 (1990crow): Lynch, Tom
Pick 13 (Danger Zone): Gunston, Jack
Pick 14 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Kelly, Josh
Pick 15 (I Lost My Keays): Mitchell, Tom
Pick 16 (I Lost My Keays): Kennedy, Josh
Pick 17 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Grundy, Brodie
Pick 18 (Danger Zone): Andrews, Harris
Pick 19 (1990crow): Kelly, Tim
Pick 20 (Scorpus): Gawn, Max
Pick 21 (Danger in Texas): Dixon, Charlie
Pick 22 (TubbsFarquhar): Boak, Travis
Pick 23 (ShadeyP): Steele, Jack
Pick 24 (Pilchard_Adams): Blicavs, Mark
Pick 25 (Coopers): Oliver, Clayton
Pick 26 (Mego Red): Adams, Taylor
Pick 27 (Crow_68): Haynes, Nick
Pick 28 (Deaneus!): OBrien, Reilly
Pick 29 (Golumless): King, Ben
Pick 30 (Donkey Magoo): Marshall, Rowan
Pick 31 (Donkey Magoo): Riewoldt, Jack
Pick 32 (Golumless): Merrett, Zach
Pick 33 (Deaneus!): Hipwood, Eric
Pick 34 (Crow_68): Darling, Jack
Pick 35 (Mego Red): May, Steven
Pick 36 (Coopers): Naughton, Aaron
Pick 37 (Pilchard_Adams): Cameron, Charlie
Pick 38 (ShadeyP): Moore, Darcy
Pick 39 (TubbsFarquhar): Grimes, Dylan
Pick 40 (Danger in Texas): Weitering, Jacob
Pick 41 (Scorpus): McGovern, Jeremy
Pick 42 (1990crow): Whitfield, Lachie
Pick 43 (Danger Zone): Gaff, Andrew
Pick 44 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): McKay, Harry
Pick 45 (I Lost My Keays): Taranto, Tim
Pick 46 (I Lost My Keays): Yeo, Elliot
Pick 47 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Sidebottom, Steele
Pick 48 (Danger Zone): Parker, Luke
Pick 49 (1990crow): Duncan, Mitch
Pick 50 (Scorpus): Shiel, Dylan
Pick 51 (Danger in Texas): Pendlebury, Scott
Pick 52 (TubbsFarquhar): McCluggage, Hugh
Pick 53 (ShadeyP): Brown, Ben
Pick 54 (Pilchard_Adams): de Goey, Jordan
Pick 55 (Coopers): Treloar, Adam
Pick 56 (Mego Red): Lloyd, Jake
Pick 57 (Crow_68): Rowell, Matt
Pick 58 (Deaneus!): Guthrie, Cameron
Pick 59 (Golumless): Laird, Rory
Pick 60 (Donkey Magoo): Crouch, Matt
Pick 61 (Donkey Magoo): Docherty, Sam
Pick 62 (Golumless): Lyons, Jarryd
Pick 63 (Deaneus!): Crouch, Brad
Pick 64 (Crow_68): Greene, Toby
Pick 65 (Mego Red): Daniel, Caleb
Pick 66 (Coopers): McDonald-Tipungwuti, Anthony
Pick 67 (Pilchard_Adams): Menegola, Sam
Pick 68 (ShadeyP): Ryan, Liam
Pick 69 (TubbsFarquhar): King, Max
Pick 70 (Danger in Texas): Walters, Michael
Pick 71 (Scorpus): Coniglio, Stephen
Pick 72 (1990crow): Byrne-Jones, Darcy
Pick 73 (Danger Zone): Papley, Tom
Pick 74 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Heeney, Isaac
Pick 75 (I Lost My Keays): Shuey, Luke
Pick 76 (I Lost My Keays): Houli, Bachar
Pick 77 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Sicily, James
Pick 78 (Danger Zone): Witts, Jarrod
Pick 79 (1990crow): Smith, Bailey
Pick 80 (Scorpus): Vlastuin, Nick
Pick 81 (Danger in Texas): Stewart, Tom
Pick 82 (TubbsFarquhar): Sheppard, Brad
Pick 83 (ShadeyP): McInerney, Oscar
Pick 84 (Pilchard_Adams): Hopper, Jacob
Pick 85 (Coopers): Keath, Alex
Pick 86 (Mego Red): Wines, Ollie
Pick 87 (Crow_68): Goldstein, Todd
Pick 88 (Deaneus!): Barrass, Tom
Pick 89 (Golumless): Butler, Dan
Pick 90 (Donkey Magoo): Edwards, Shane
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
Memorial H
AFL Club
Other Teams
#Antifa #NZ
Picks 91-180

Pick 91 (Donkey Magoo): Collins, Sam
Pick 92 (Golumless): Worpel, James
Pick 93 (Deaneus!): Brayshaw, Andrew
Pick 94 (Crow_68): Williams, Zac
Pick 95 (Mego Red): McGrath, Andrew
Pick 96 (Coopers): Wingard, Chad
Pick 97 (Pilchard_Adams): Aliir, Aliir
Pick 98 (ShadeyP): Cerra, Adam
Pick 99 (TubbsFarquhar): Saad, Adam
Pick 100 (Danger in Texas): Hunter, Lachie
Pick 101 (Scorpus): Cunnington, Ben
Pick 102 (1990crow): Taberner, Matthew
Pick 103 (Danger Zone): Zorko, Dayne
Pick 104 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Doedee, Tom
Pick 105 (I Lost My Keays): Talia, Daniel
Pick 106 (I Lost My Keays): Rozee, Connor
Pick 107 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Hurley, Michael
Pick 108 (Danger Zone): Ridley, Jordan
Pick 109 (1990crow): Lycett, Scott
Pick 110 (Scorpus): Dunkley, Josh
Pick 111 (Danger in Texas): Walsh, Sam
Pick 112 (TubbsFarquhar): Bolton, Shai
Pick 113 (ShadeyP): Short, Jayden
Pick 114 (Pilchard_Adams): Simpkin, Jy
Pick 115 (Coopers): Prestia, Dion
Pick 116 (Mego Red): English, Tim
Pick 117 (Crow_68): Clark, Hunter
Pick 118 (Deaneus!): Crisp, Jack
Pick 119 (Golumless): Jonas, Tom
Pick 120 (Donkey Magoo): Gray, Robbie
Pick 121 (Donkey Magoo): Nankervis, Toby
Pick 122 (Golumless): Sheed, Dom
Pick 123 (Deaneus!): McDonald, Luke
Pick 124 (Crow_68): Balta, Noah
Pick 125 (Mego Red): Maynard, Brayden
Pick 126 (Coopers): Lever, Jake
Pick 127 (Pilchard_Adams): Preuss, Braydon
Pick 128 (ShadeyP): Butters, Zak
Pick 129 (TubbsFarquhar): Wallis, Mitch
Pick 130 (Danger in Texas): Ryan, Luke
Pick 131 (Scorpus): Rampe, Dane
Pick 132 (1990crow): Davis, Phil
Pick 133 (Danger Zone): Smith, Brodie
Pick 134 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Lukosius, Jack
Pick 135 (I Lost My Keays): Finlayson, Jeremy
Pick 136 (I Lost My Keays): Rayner, Cam
Pick 137 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Cotchin, Trent
Pick 138 (Danger Zone): Howard, Dougal
Pick 139 (1990crow): OMeara, Jaeger
Pick 140 (Scorpus): Viney, Jack
Pick 141 (Danger in Texas): Perryman, Harry
Pick 142 (TubbsFarquhar): Greenwood, Hugh
Pick 143 (ShadeyP): Mihocek, Brody
Pick 144 (Pilchard_Adams): Anderson, Jed
Pick 145 (Coopers): Ross, Sebastian
Pick 146 (Mego Red): Heppell, Dyson
Pick 147 (Crow_68): Rankine, Izak
Pick 148 (Deaneus!): Corr, Aidan
Pick 149 (Golumless): Allen, Oscar
Pick 150 (Donkey Magoo): Sloane, Rory
Pick 151 (Donkey Magoo): Mills, Callum
Pick 152 (Golumless): Ballard, Charlie
Pick 153 (Deaneus!): Stephenson, Jaidyn
Pick 154 (Crow_68): Higgins, Shaun
Pick 155 (Mego Red): Smith, Devon
Pick 156 (Coopers): Milera, Wayne
Pick 157 (Pilchard_Adams): Brown, Luke
Pick 158 (ShadeyP): Houston, Dan
Pick 159 (TubbsFarquhar): Tarrant, Robbie
Pick 160 (Danger in Texas): Ryder, Paddy
Pick 161 (Scorpus): Membrey, Tim
Pick 162 (1990crow): Astbury, David
Pick 163 (Danger Zone): Himmelberg, Harry
Pick 164 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Salem, Christian
Pick 165 (I Lost My Keays): Swallow, David
Pick 166 (I Lost My Keays): Billings, Jack
Pick 167 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Berry, Jarrod
Pick 168 (Danger Zone): Miller, Touk
Pick 169 (1990crow): Gresham, Jade
Pick 170 (Scorpus): Ellis, Brandon
Pick 171 (Danger in Texas): Lambert, Kane
Pick 172 (TubbsFarquhar): Coffield, Nick
Pick 173 (ShadeyP): Hill, Bradley
Pick 174 (Pilchard_Adams): Daicos, Josh
Pick 175 (Coopers): Fantasia, Orazio
Pick 176 (Mego Red): Lobb, Rory
Pick 177 (Crow_68): Daniher, Joe
Pick 178 (Deaneus!): Franklin, Lance
Pick 179 (Golumless): McEvoy, Ben
Pick 180 (Donkey Magoo): Frost, Sam
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
Memorial H
AFL Club
Other Teams
#Antifa #NZ
Picks 181-270

Pick 181 (Donkey Magoo): Duggan, Liam
Pick 182 (Golumless): Wilson, Nathan
Pick 183 (Deaneus!): Duursma, Xavier
Pick 184 (Crow_68): Day, Will
Pick 185 (Mego Red): Rockliff, Tom
Pick 186 (Coopers): Hogan, Jesse
Pick 187 (Pilchard_Adams): Riccardi, Jake
Pick 188 (ShadeyP): Henry, Jack
Pick 189 (TubbsFarquhar): Larkey, Nick
Pick 190 (Danger in Texas): Weideman, Sam
Pick 191 (Scorpus): Dumont, Trent
Pick 192 (1990crow): Breust, Luke
Pick 193 (Danger Zone): Brayshaw, Angus
Pick 194 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Dawson, Jordan
Pick 195 (I Lost My Keays): Fritsch, Bayley
Pick 196 (I Lost My Keays): McDonald, Tom
Pick 197 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Howe, Jeremy
Pick 198 (Danger Zone): Parish, Darcy
Pick 199 (1990crow): Johannisen, Jason
Pick 200 (Scorpus): Anderson, Noah
Pick 201 (Danger in Texas): Langdon, Ed
Pick 202 (TubbsFarquhar): Gardiner, Darcy
Pick 203 (ShadeyP): Jones, Zak
Pick 204 (Pilchard_Adams): Serong, Caleb
Pick 205 (Coopers): Newman, Nic
Pick 206 (Mego Red): Himmelberg, Elliott
Pick 207 (Crow_68): Blakey, Nick
Pick 208 (Deaneus!): Witherden, Alex
Pick 209 (Golumless): Weller, Lachie
Pick 210 (Donkey Magoo): Selwood, Joel
Pick 211 (Donkey Magoo): Daniels, Brent
Pick 212 (Golumless): Hately, Jackson
Pick 213 (Deaneus!): Liberatore, Tom
Pick 214 (Crow_68): Ainsworth, Ben
Pick 215 (Mego Red): Wilkie, Callum
Pick 216 (Coopers): Davies-Uniacke, Luke
Pick 217 (Pilchard_Adams): Plowman, Lachie
Pick 218 (ShadeyP): Sexton, Alex
Pick 219 (TubbsFarquhar): Martin, Jack
Pick 220 (Danger in Texas): Rich, Daniel
Pick 221 (Scorpus): Miers, Gryan
Pick 222 (1990crow): Wood, Easton
Pick 223 (Danger Zone): Zurhaar, Cameron
Pick 224 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Rowbottom, James
Pick 225 (I Lost My Keays): Parfitt, Brandan
Pick 226 (I Lost My Keays): Francis, Aaron
Pick 227 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Baker, Liam
Pick 228 (Danger Zone): Hurn, Shannon
Pick 229 (1990crow): Stringer, Jake
Pick 230 (Scorpus): Langford, Kyle
Pick 231 (Danger in Texas): McAdam, Shane
Pick 232 (TubbsFarquhar): Pickett, Kysaiah
Pick 233 (ShadeyP): Quaynor, Isaac
Pick 234 (Pilchard_Adams): Rioli, Daniel
Pick 235 (Coopers): De Koning, Tom
Pick 236 (Mego Red): Florent, Oliver
Pick 237 (Crow_68): Sholl, Lachlan
Pick 238 (Deaneus!): Hunt, Jayden
Pick 239 (Golumless): Cripps, Jamie
Pick 240 (Donkey Magoo): Petrevski-Seton, Sam
Pick 241 (Donkey Magoo): Fisher, Zac
Pick 242 (Golumless): Williams, Bailey
Pick 243 (Deaneus!): McKenzie, Trent
Pick 244 (Crow_68): Pearce, Alex
Pick 245 (Mego Red): Bowes, Jack
Pick 246 (Coopers): Hartigan, Kyle
Pick 247 (Pilchard_Adams): Dahlhaus, Luke
Pick 248 (ShadeyP): McCartin, Tom
Pick 249 (TubbsFarquhar): Phillips, Tom
Pick 250 (Danger in Texas): Lynch, Tom
Pick 251 (Scorpus): Ziebell, Jack
Pick 252 (1990crow): Bews, Jed
Pick 253 (Danger Zone): Bailey, Zac
Pick 254 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): McGovern, Mitch
Pick 255 (I Lost My Keays): Caldwell, Jye
Pick 256 (I Lost My Keays): Draper, Sam
Pick 257 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Hayward, Will
Pick 258 (Danger Zone): Curnow, Ed
Pick 259 (1990crow): Elliott, Jamie
Pick 260 (Scorpus): Darcy, Sean
Pick 261 (Danger in Texas): Setterfield, Will
Pick 262 (TubbsFarquhar): McCarthy, Lincoln
Pick 263 (ShadeyP): Amon, Karl
Pick 264 (Pilchard_Adams): Impey, Jarman
Pick 265 (Coopers): Atkins, Rory
Pick 266 (Mego Red): Graham, Jack
Pick 267 (Crow_68): Crozier, Hayden
Pick 268 (Deaneus!): Rohan, Gary
Pick 269 (Golumless): OConnor, Mark
Pick 270 (Donkey Magoo): Castagna, Jason
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
Memorial H
AFL Club
Other Teams
#Antifa #NZ
Picks 271-360

Pick 271 (Donkey Magoo): McIntosh, Kamdyn
Pick 272 (Golumless): Day, Sam
Pick 273 (Deaneus!): Hoskin-Elliott, Will
Pick 274 (Crow_68): Casboult, Levi
Pick 275 (Mego Red): Murphy, Marc
Pick 276 (Coopers): Markov, Oleg
Pick 277 (Pilchard_Adams): Keays, Ben
Pick 278 (ShadeyP): Thomas, Tarryn
Pick 279 (TubbsFarquhar): Noble, John
Pick 280 (Danger in Texas): Clurey, Tom
Pick 281 (Scorpus): Jones, Liam
Pick 282 (1990crow): Stanley, Rhys
Pick 283 (Danger Zone): Reid, Sam
Pick 284 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Lipinski, Patrick
Pick 285 (I Lost My Keays): McPherson, Andrew
Pick 286 (I Lost My Keays): Acres, Blake
Pick 287 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Roughead, Jordan
Pick 288 (Danger Zone): Brown, Callum
Pick 289 (1990crow): Melksham, Jake
Pick 290 (Scorpus): Hardwick, Blake
Pick 291 (Danger in Texas): Cunningham, Harry
Pick 292 (TubbsFarquhar): Tucker, Darcy
Pick 293 (ShadeyP): Powell-Pepper, Sam
Pick 294 (Pilchard_Adams): Ash, Lachie
Pick 295 (Coopers): Powell, Wil
Pick 296 (Mego Red): Polec, Jared
Pick 297 (Crow_68): Kennedy, Josh
Pick 298 (Deaneus!): OBrien, Tim
Pick 299 (Golumless): Paton, Ben
Pick 300 (Donkey Magoo): Fogarty, Darcy
Pick 301 (Donkey Magoo): Harmes, James
Pick 302 (Golumless): Hill, Bobby
Pick 303 (Deaneus!): Schoenberg, Harry
Pick 304 (Crow_68): Young, Hayden
Pick 305 (Mego Red): Smith, Isaac
Pick 306 (Coopers): Scrimshaw, Jack
Pick 307 (Pilchard_Adams): Green, Tom
Pick 308 (ShadeyP): Ladhams, Peter
Pick 309 (TubbsFarquhar): de Boer, Matt
Pick 310 (Danger in Texas): Phillips, Will
Pick 311 (Scorpus): Tuohy, Zach
Pick 312 (1990crow): Shiels, Liam
Pick 313 (Danger Zone): Burton, Ryan
Pick 314 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Martin, Stefan
Pick 315 (I Lost My Keays): Hannan, Mitch
Pick 316 (I Lost My Keays): Redden, Jack
Pick 317 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Ugle-Hagan, Jamarra
Pick 318 (Danger Zone): Richards, Ed
Pick 319 (1990crow): Ward, Callan
Pick 320 (Scorpus): Higgins, Jack
Pick 321 (Danger in Texas): Pickett, Marlion
Pick 322 (TubbsFarquhar): Kolodjashnij, Jake
Pick 323 (ShadeyP): Taylor, Sam
Pick 324 (Pilchard_Adams): Starcevich, Brandon
Pick 325 (Coopers): Wright, Peter
Pick 326 (Mego Red): Hartlett, Hamish
Pick 327 (Crow_68): Tomlinson, Adam
Pick 328 (Deaneus!): Thilthorpe, Riley
Pick 329 (Golumless): Cox, Brennan
Pick 330 (Donkey Magoo): Logue, Griffin
Pick 331 (Donkey Magoo): Hamill, Will
Pick 332 (Golumless): Jackson, Luke
Pick 333 (Deaneus!): Aish, James
Pick 315 (I Lost My Keays): Hannan, Mitch
Pick 316 (I Lost My Keays): Redden, Jack
Pick 317 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Ugle-Hagan, Jamarra
Pick 318 (Danger Zone): Richards, Ed
Pick 319 (1990crow): Ward, Callan
Pick 320 (Scorpus): Higgins, Jack
Pick 321 (Danger in Texas): Pickett, Marlion
Pick 322 (TubbsFarquhar): Kolodjashnij, Jake
Pick 323 (ShadeyP): Taylor, Sam
Pick 324 (Pilchard_Adams): Starcevich, Brandon
Pick 325 (Coopers): Wright, Peter
Pick 326 (Mego Red): Hartlett, Hamish
Pick 327 (Crow_68): Tomlinson, Adam
Pick 328 (Deaneus!): Thilthorpe, Riley
Pick 329 (Golumless): Cox, Brennan
Pick 330 (Donkey Magoo): Logue, Griffin
Pick 331 (Donkey Magoo): Hamill, Will
Pick 332 (Golumless): Jackson, Luke
Pick 333 (Deaneus!): Aish, James
Pick 334 (Crow_68): Rivers, Trent
Pick 335 (Mego Red): McStay, Daniel
Pick 336 (Coopers): Snelling, Will
Pick 337 (Pilchard_Adams): McDonald, Logan
Pick 338 (ShadeyP): Georgiades, Mitch
Pick 339 (TubbsFarquhar): Mundy, David
Pick 340 (Danger in Texas): Long, Ben
Pick 341 (Scorpus): Hewett, George
Pick 342 (1990crow): Hickey, Tom
Pick 343 (Danger Zone): Hibberd, Michael
Pick 344 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Menadue, Connor
Pick 345 (I Lost My Keays): Soldo, Ivan
Pick 346 (I Lost My Keays): Broad, Nathan
Pick 347 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Redman, Mason
Pick 348 (Danger Zone): Zaharakis, David
Pick 349 (1990crow): Henderson, Lachie
Pick 350 (Scorpus): Atley, Shaun
Pick 351 (Danger in Texas): Hannebery, Dan
Pick 352 (TubbsFarquhar): Marshall, Todd
Pick 353 (ShadeyP): Sturt, Sam
Pick 354 (Pilchard_Adams): McAsey, Fischer
Pick 355 (Coopers): Hughes, Ethan
Pick 356 (Mego Red): McKay, Ben
Pick 357 (Crow_68): Robinson, Mitch
Pick 358 (Deaneus!): Grainger-Barrass, Denver
Pick 359 (Golumless): Cox, Mason
Pick 360 (Donkey Magoo): Hall, Aaron
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
Memorial H
AFL Club
Other Teams
#Antifa #NZ
Picks 361-450

Pick 361 (Donkey Magoo): Stephens, Dylan
Pick 362 (Golumless): Henry, Liam
Pick 363 (Deaneus!): Scully, Tom
Pick 364 (Crow_68): Cockatoo, Nakia
Pick 365 (Mego Red): Cole, Tom
Pick 366 (Coopers): Ronke, Ben
Pick 367 (Pilchard_Adams): Rowe, James
Pick 368 (ShadeyP): Hind, Nick
Pick 369 (TubbsFarquhar): Battle, Josh
Pick 370 (Danger in Texas): Ah Chee, Callum
Pick 371 (Scorpus): Bruce, Josh
Pick 372 (1990crow): Conca, Reece
Pick 373 (Danger Zone): Budarick, Connor
Pick 374 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Melican, Lewis
Pick 375 (I Lost My Keays): Fogarty, Lachie
Pick 376 (I Lost My Keays): Duryea, Taylor
Pick 377 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Dale, Bailey
Pick 378 (Danger Zone): Jones, Chayce
Pick 379 (1990crow): Caddy, Josh
Pick 380 (Scorpus): Hamling, Joel
Pick 381 (Danger in Texas): Lewis, Mitch
Pick 382 (TubbsFarquhar): Newnes, Jack
Pick 383 (ShadeyP): Gould, Will
Pick 384 (Pilchard_Adams): Simpson, Sam
Pick 385 (Coopers): Cumming, Isaac
Pick 386 (Mego Red): Gibbons, Michael
Pick 387 (Crow_68): Payne, Jack
Pick 388 (Deaneus!): Nelson, Jackson
Pick 389 (Golumless): Murphy, Lachlan
Pick 390 (Donkey Magoo): Brown, Tyler
Pick 391 (Donkey Magoo): Ainsworth, Brayden
Pick 392 (Golumless): Cousins, James
Pick 393 (Deaneus!): Schultz, Lachie
Pick 394 (Crow_68): Waterman, Jake
Pick 395 (Mego Red): Taylor, Curtis
Pick 396 (Coopers): Walker, Josh
Pick 397 (Pilchard_Adams): Clark, Jordan
Pick 398 (ShadeyP): Chol, Mabior
Pick 399 (TubbsFarquhar): Kennedy, Adam
Pick 400 (Danger in Texas): Langdon, Zac
Pick 401 (Scorpus): Cordy, Zaine
Pick 402 (1990crow): Sier, Brayden
Pick 403 (Danger Zone): Walker, Taylor
Pick 404 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Hanrahan, Oliver
Pick 405 (I Lost My Keays): Mackay, David
Pick 406 (I Lost My Keays): Howe, Daniel
Pick 407 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Neal-Bullen, Alex
Pick 408 (Danger Zone): Ceglar, Jonathon
Pick 409 (1990crow): Mayne, Chris
Pick 410 (Scorpus): Stewart, James
Pick 411 (Danger in Texas): Ratugolea, Esava
Pick 412 (TubbsFarquhar): Burgoyne, Shaun
Pick 413 (ShadeyP): Mead, Jackson
Pick 414 (Pilchard_Adams): Greaves, Damon
Pick 415 (Coopers): Fiorini, Brayden
Pick 416 (Mego Red): Motlop, Steven
Pick 417 (Crow_68): Xerri, Tristan
Pick 418 (Deaneus!): Answerth, Noah
Pick 419 (Golumless): McInerney, Justin
Pick 420 (Donkey Magoo): Greenwood, Levi
Pick 421 (Donkey Magoo): Ambrose, Patrick
Pick 422 (Golumless): Sparrow, Tom
Pick 423 (Deaneus!): Perez, Flynn
Pick 424 (Crow_68): Perkins, Archie
Pick 425 (Mego Red): Brodie, Will
Pick 426 (Coopers): Adams, Marcus
Pick 427 (Pilchard_Adams): Pittonet, Marc
Pick 428 (ShadeyP): Ross, Jack
Pick 429 (TubbsFarquhar): McHenry, Ned
Pick 430 (Danger in Texas): Flanders, Sam
Pick 431 (Scorpus): Sinclair, Jack
Pick 432 (1990crow): Clarke, Ryan
Pick 433 (Danger Zone): Scott, Bailey
Pick 434 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Cutler, Tom
Pick 435 (I Lost My Keays): Vandenberg, Aaron
Pick 436 (I Lost My Keays): Narkle, Quinton
Pick 437 (Drugs Are Bad Mackay?): Lonie, Jack
Pick 438 (Danger Zone): Carlisle, Jake
Pick 439 (1990crow): Cameron, Darcy
Pick 440 (Scorpus): Betts, Eddie
Pick 441 (Danger in Texas): Rotham, Josh
Pick 442 (TubbsFarquhar): Sinclair, Callum
Pick 443 (ShadeyP): Bergman, Miles
Pick 444 (Pilchard_Adams): Kemp, Brodie
Pick 445 (Coopers): Marchbank, Caleb
Pick 446 (Mego Red): Zerk-Thatcher, Brandon
Pick 447 (Crow_68): Cuningham, David
Pick 448 (Deaneus!): Williams, Bailey
Pick 449 (Golumless): Berry, Sam
Pick 450 (Donkey Magoo): Hooker, Cale
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We Await Silent Tristero's Empire
Nov 24, 2007
Memorial H
AFL Club
Other Teams
#Antifa #NZ
rage against the machine


F ~ Hunt | Hipwood | Hoskin-Elliot
HF ~ Stephenson | Franklin | Duursma
C ~ Liberatore | Guthrie | Brayshaw
HB ~ McDonald | Corr | Crisp
B ~ Witherden | Barrass | McKenzie
1R ~ O'Brien | Crouch | Neale
INT ~ Rohan | O'Brien | Schoenberg | Thilthorpe

EMG ~ Aish | Grainger-Barrass | Vandermeer | Nelson

EXTRAS ~ Schultz | Answerth | Perez | Williams

like this by team


Pick 3 - Lachie Neale
Pick 28 - Reilly O'Brien
Pick 33 - Eric Hipwood
Pick 58 - Cameron Guthrie
Pick 63 - Brad Crouch
Pick 88 - Tom Barrass
Pick 93 - Andrew Brayshaw
Pick 118 - Jack Crisp
Pick 123 - Luke McDonald
Pick 148 - Aidan Corr
Pick 153 - Jaidyn Stephenson
Pick 178 - Lance Franklin
Pick 183 - Xavier Duursma
Pick 208 - Alex Witherden
Pick 213 - Thomas Liberatore
Pick 238 - Jayden Hunt
Pick 243 - Trent McKenzie
Pick 268 - Gary Rohan
Pick 273 - Will Hoskin-Elliot
Pick 298 - Tim O'Brien
Pick 303 - Harry Schoenberg
Pick 328 - Riley Thilthorpe
Pick 333 - James Aish
Pick 358 - Denver Grainger-Barrass
Pick 363 - Tom Scully delisted
Pick 388 - Jackson Nelson
Pick 393 - Lachie Schultz
Pick 418 - Noah Answerth
Pick 423 - Flynn Perez
Pick 448 - Bailey Williams
Free Agent - Laitham Vandermeer
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Mego Red

The Artist Formerly Known As Kristof
Oct 3, 2003
The East Coast
AFL Club
Other Teams
Soft spot for Brisbane


Daniel McStay -- Rory Lobb -- Devon Smith
CHF: Christian Petracca -- Elliot Himmelburg -- Tom Rockliff
C: Dyson Heppell -- Taylor Adams -- Andrew McGrath
CHB: Jake Lloyd -- Steven May -- Caleb Daniel
FB: Jack Bowes -- Callum Wilkie -- Brayden Maynard

1st R: Tim English -- Ollie Wines -- Oliver Florent

RES: Jack Graham, Jared Polec, Isaac Smith, Hamish Hartlett

EMERGENCIES: Marc Murphy, Ben McKay, Tom Cole, Michael Gibbons, Curtis Taylor, Stephen Motlop, Will Brodie, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher



Pick 1: Christian Petracca
Pick 2: Taylor Adams
Pick 3: Steven May
Pick 4: Jake Lloyd
Pick 5: Caleb Daniel
Pick 6: Ollie Wines
Pick 7: Andrew McGrath
Pick 8: Tim English
Pick 9: Brayden Maynard
Pick 10: Dyson Heppell
Pick 11: Devon Smith
Pick 12: Rory Lobb
Pick 13: Tom Rockliff
Pick 14: Elliot Himmelburg
Pick 15: Callum Wilkie
Pick 16: Oliver Florent
Pick 17: Jack Bowes
Pick 18: Jack Graham
Pick 19: Marc Murphy
Pick 20: Jared Polec
Pick 21: Isaac Smith
Pick 22: Hamish Hartlett
Pick 23: Daniel McStay
Pick 24: Ben McKay
Pick 25: Tom Cole
Pick 26: Michael Gibbons
Pick 27: Curtis Taylor
Pick 28: Stephen Motlop
Pick 29: Will Brodie
Pick 30: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
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Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
AFL Club

B Liam Jones - Dane Rampe - Blake Hardwick
HB Nick Vlastuin - Jeremy McGovern - Zach Tuohy
C Josh Dunkley - Stephen Coniglio - Brandon Ellis
HF Noah Anderson - Tim Membrey - Jack Ziebell
F Gryan Miers - Jeremy Cameron - Jack Higgins
R Max Gawn - Dylan Shiel - Ben Cunnington

I Jack Viney - Trent Dumont - Kyle Langford - Shaun Atley

E Sean Darcy - George Hewett - Josh Bruce - Joel Hamling
E Zaine Cordy - James Stewart - Jack Sinclair - Eddie Betts

1. Jeremy Cameron (Geelong)
2. Max Gawn (Melbourne)
3. Jeremy McGovern (West Coast)
4. Dylan Shiel (Essendon)
5. Stephen Coniglio (GWS)
6. Nick Vlastuin (Richmond)
7. Ben Cunnington (North Melbourne)
8. Josh Dunkley (Western Bulldogs)
9. Dane Rampe (Sydney)
10. Jack Viney (Melbourne)
11. Tim Membrey (St Kilda)
12. Brandon Ellis (Gold Coast)
13. Trent Dumont (North Melbourne)
14. Noah Anderson (Gold Coast)
15. Gryan Miers (Geelong)
16. Kyle Langford (Essendon)
17. Jack Ziebell (North Melbourne)
18. Sean Darcy (Fremantle)
19. Liam Jones (Carlton)
20. Blake Hardwick (Hawthorn)
21. Zach Tuohy (Geelong)
22. Jack Higgins (St Kilda)
23. George Hewett (Sydney)
24. Shaun Atley (North Melbourne)
25. Josh Bruce (Western Bulldogs)
26. Joel Hamling (Fremantle)
27. Zaine Cordy (Western Bulldogs)
28. James Stewart (Essendon)
29. Jack Sinclair (St Kilda)
30. Eddie Betts (Carlton)
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Danger in Texas

Mar 28, 2011
AFL Club
Other Teams
Reds, Lakers, Gold City, Knights
The Good Place FC

CEO: Michael


Patrick Dangerfield - Geelong
Charlie Dixon - Port Adelaide
Jacob Weitering - Carlton
Scott Pendlebury - Collingwood
Michael Walters - Fremantle
Tom Stewart - Geelong
Lachie Hunter - Western Bulldogs
Sam Walsh - Carlton
Luke Ryan - Fremantle
Harry Perryman - GWS
Paddy Ryder - St Kilda
Kane Lambert - Richmond
Sam Weideman - Melbourne
Ed Langdon - Melbourne
Daniel Rich - Brisbane
Shane McAdam - Adelaide
Tom Lynch - Adelaide
Will Setterfield - Carlton
Tom Clurey - Port Adelaide
Harry Cunningham - Sydney
Will Phillips - North Melbourne
Marlion Pickett - Richmond
Ben Long - St Kilda
Dan Hannebery - St Kilda
Callum Ah Chee - Brisbane
Mitch Lewis - Hawthorn
Zac Langdon - West Coast
Esava Ratugolea - Geelong
Sam Flanders - Gold Coast
Josh Rotham - West Coast

Best 22:
B: Harry Cunningham, Tom Clurey, Luke Ryan
HB: Tom Stewart, Jacob Weitering, Daniel Rich
C: Harry Perryman, Patrick Dangerfield, Lachie Hunter
HF: Kane Lambert, Sam Weideman, Michael Walters
F: Tom Lynch, Charlie Dixon, Shane McAdam
R: Paddy Ryder, Scott Pendlebury, Sam Walsh
I/C: Ed Langdon, Will Setterfield, Will Phillips, Marlion Pickett
Em: Ben Long, Dan Hannebery, Callum Ah Chee, Mitch Lewis, Zac Langdon, Esava Ratugolea, Sam Flanders, Josh Rotham
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Club Legend
Oct 15, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
Team name: Resetting The Mechanism

1. Pick 4: Marcus Bontempelli (Bulldogs)
2. Pick 27: Nick Haynes (GWS)
3. Pick 34: Jack Darling (West Coast)
4. Pick 57: Matt Rowell (Gold Coast)
5. Pick 64: Toby Greene (GWS)
6. Pick 87: Todd Goldstein (Kangaroos)
7. Pick 94: Zac Williams (Carlton)
8. Pick 117: Hunter Clark (St Kilda)
9. Pick 124: Noah Balta (Richmond)
10. Pick 147: Izak Rankine (Gold Coast)
11. Pick 154: Shaun Higgins (Geelong)
12. Pick 177: Joe Daniher (Brisbane)
13. Pick 184: Will Day (Hawthorn)
14. Pick 207: Nick Blakey (Sydney:
15. Pick 214: Ben Ainsworth (Gold Coast)
16. Pick 237: Lachlan Sholl (Adelaide)
17. Pick 244: Alex Pearce (Fremantle)
18. Pick 267: Hayden Crozier (Bulldogs)
19. Pick 274: Levi Casboult (Carlton)
20. Pick 297: Josh Kennedy (Sydney)
21. Pick 304: Hayden Young (Fremantle)
22. Pick 327: Adam Tomlinson (Melbourne)
23. Pick 334: Trent Rivers (Melbourne)
24. Pick 357: Mitch Robinson (Brisbane)
25. Pick 364: Nakia Cockatoo (Brisbane)
26. Pick 387: Jack Payne (Brisbane)
27. Pick 394: Jake Waterman (West Coast:
28. Pick 417: Tristan Xerri (North)
29. Pick 424: Archie Perkins (Essendon)
30. Pick 447: David Cuningham (Carlton)

B: Hayden Crozier/ Noah Balta/ Alex Pearce

HB: Zac Williams/ Nick Haynes/ Hunter Clark

C: Lachlan Sholl/ Shaun Higgins/ Will Day

HF: Toby Greene/ Jack Darling/ Nick Blakey

F: Izak Rankine/ Joe Daniher/ Ben Ainsworth

R: Todd Goldstein/ Marcus Bontempelli/ Matt Rowell

I/C: Levi Casboult/ Josh Kennedy (SYD) / Hayden Young/ Adam Tomlinson

Reserves: Trent Rivers / Mitch Robinson / Nakia Cockatoo