Game Day 2021 Crows AFL Draft Game: the game

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Red mist

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Jun 30, 2014
The Winchester
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CEO: Michael

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Patrick Dangerfield - Geelong
Charlie Dixon - Port Adelaide
Jacob Weitering - Carlton
Scott Pendlebury - Collingwood
Michael Walters - Fremantle
Tom Stewart - Geelong
Lachie Hunter - Western Bulldogs
Sam Walsh - Carlton
Luke Ryan - Fremantle
Harry Perryman - GWS
Paddy Ryder - St Kilda
Kane Lambert - Richmond
Sam Weideman - Melbourne
Ed Langdon - Melbourne
Daniel Rich - Brisbane
Shane McAdam - Adelaide
Tom Lynch - Adelaide
Will Setterfield - Carlton
Tom Clurey - Port Adelaide
Harry Cunningham - Sydney
Will Phillips - North Melbourne
Marlion Pickett - Richmond
Ben Long - St Kilda
Dan Hannebery - St Kilda
Callum Ah Chee - Brisbane
Mitch Lewis - Hawthorn
Zac Langdon - West Coast
Esava Ratugolea - Geelong
Sam Flanders - Gold Coast
Josh Rotham - West Coast

Best 22:
B: Harry Cunningham, Tom Clurey, Luke Ryan
HB: Tom Stewart, Jacob Weitering, Daniel Rich
C: Harry Perryman, Patrick Dangerfield, Lachie Hunter
HF: Kane Lambert, Sam Weideman, Michael Walters
F: Tom Lynch, Charlie Dixon, Shane McAdam
R: Paddy Ryder, Scott Pendlebury, Sam Walsh
I/C: Ed Langdon, Will Setterfield, Will Phillips, Marlion Pickett
Em: Ben Long, Dan Hannebery, Callum Ah Chee, Mitch Lewis, Zac Langdon, Esava Ratugolea, Sam Flanders, Josh Rotham
I like the inspiration here and true to the cause.

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Oct 15, 2005
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Okay, with so many quality teams out there, going to be tough vote when it happens. Time for a quick analysis my team:

B: Hayden Crozier/ Noah Balta / Alex Pearce

HB: Lachlan Sholl / Nick Haynes / Will Day

C: Zac Williams / Shaun Higgins / Hunter Clark

HF: Toby Greene / Jack Darling / Nick Blakey

F: Izak Rankine / Joe Daniher / Ben Ainsworth

R: Todd Goldstein / Marcus Bontempelli / Matt Rowell

I/C: Levi Casboult / Josh Kennedy (SYD) / Hayden Young / Adam Tomlinson

Reserves: Trent Rivers / Mitch Robinson / Nakia Cockatoo / Jack Payne / Jake Waterman / Tristan Xerri / Archie Perkins / David Cuningham

Focus of drafting was on elite disposal, pace, x-factor and flexible KPPs.

Let's start with the forwards. Jack Darling was the top-rated KPP in 2020, throw in a fit Joe Daniher and it's a great one-two combination, both players with the potential to be high up in the Coleman Medal. Izak Rankine provides the class, his team mate Ben Ainsworth is an under-rated player with high level skills. It's a luxury having the likes of Toby Greene and Nick Blakey floating around half-forward and delivering the ball to the key forwards.

The midfield six is a mix of pace and elite disposal. Todd Goldstein is still one of the best tap ruckman in the AFL, the likes of Marcus Bontempelli, Matt Rowell and Shaun Higgins will be clearance machines feeding off the first ball. Throw in Zac Williams game-breaking pace and Hunter Clark's class and the constant drive out of the middle will provide the forwards with plenty of scoring opportunities.

The back 6 is balanced, Noah Balta, all-Australian Nick Haynes and a fit again Alex Pearce taking the tall and mid-sized forwards, Hayden Crozier can match up on smalls. What's really exciting is the foot skills of Lachlan Sholl and Will Day coming off half back, adding to the already elite disposal in the middle of the ground.

The interchange bench adds flexibilty to the 22. Levi Casboult can ruck or play as a KPF, Josh Kennedy provides grunt if required, Hayden Young adds to the elite disposal across half-back and Adam Tomlinson really came on as a KPD towards the end of last season, can also slot in as a tall wingman. The reserves provide decent depth across all positions.

Lots of potential 22under22 players, Rowell, Balta, Sholl, Day, Blakey, Rankine, Young and Rivers all a chance.

Bontempelli always a sniff for the Brownlow, Rowell will be a chance.

Daniher is every chance for the Coleman if he stays fit.

All in all, a really exciting team with the ability to score heavily.
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