2nds 2021 EFL - 2nd Tier

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Mar 8, 2002
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North Melbourne
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LA Angels
Was a very comprehensive win. Blew it out of the water in the second quarter and never really in doubt thereafter. If they had a decent run with injury this year I'd reckon they're the type of side that could be right up the pointy end. Good age profile to challenge for a VFL flag with a rock solid bloke like Matt Buntine leading them there. And they have a great vibe within the team - really vocal and energised group at the breaks.

Suns got a decent run on in the 3rd quarter when GWS were down to one rotation - and Cogs was still on limited game time so he was sitting down more than the others. But it got squashed out quickly in the first 5 mins of the last with a couple of nice MDB snap goals.

I got there at quarter time and never saw Hutchesson and he was not on the bench so doesn't look great there. And as previously mentioned Shaw and Angwin were done early too. Shame for Angwin as he looked very lively and involved on the outer wing.

Briggs seemed to do most of the ruck work and was pretty impressive I thought - despite the fact that the Suns ruck stocks aren't anything to write home about. Very physical and actually has a nice leap. Flynn seemed to play more as a utility drifting about wherever needed.

The midfield won the battle comprehensively which was no surprise as the Suns did not have a huge senior presence in there.

Cogs was as you'd expect. Very busy and racked up the touches. I was surprised to see he had 35 given he would have had the most rests of any player on the ground. McCartney seemed to be in deep discussion with him and Luke Kelly at 3QT seemingly to discuss whether he could increase his minutes given the shortage on the bench. Of course most kicks were blind hacks forward (Taranto style) but that's just the way he rolls these days.

O'Halloran was in everything again. This guy is a bullocking ball magnet and looks miles better played on the ball (as opposed to a flank). However he's unfortunately just not much of a kick and he has an army of players in front of him for that spot in the 1's. The perfect player to lead your midfield deep into a VFL finals campaign. A poor man's Josh Kennedy (Syd).

Sproule made the most of his opportunities - converted everything - and is the absolute heart and soul of the side. Great character.

First time I've had a look at Peatling. Good strong player who's very agile but also very hard at it. Decent enough kick. Seems to get a lot of it and get to the right spots. Looks like something to work with.

Wehr is a sight to behold with his kicking off half back. Lace out all day. Looks a bit like a classy version of Dom Tyson. Just needs to add min 20kg. Lightest looking player out there today.

Riccardi - god I'd give my left nut to have him in a North jumper next year. Cracking set of hands and a booming kick.

C Brown looks miles off it unfortunately. Hard as a cat's head but fumbled all day.

The senior players of both sides headed out the door at HT to get the bus up to Ballarat. They must be up there tonight.

On a side note it was great to stand near the fence and listen to Rhyce Shaw coach from the sidelines. A real vocal, old school coach who has a terrific handle on strategy. Learnt a bit listening to him today.

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