2021 Fixture

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Hodgey 15

Club Legend
Aug 2, 2013
AFL Club
fu** Gil the piece of sh*t and who ever else that does fixtures, we get screwed every fu**en year even when we are bad. Richmond won the flag last year and had one of the easiest draws ever. Guarantee our draw will be harder then the reigning premiers. So sick of this.
Even in the middle of a pandemic they were looking after Richmond. They were only had ever in the one hub.

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Team Captain
Jun 19, 2018
AFL Club
Why doesn't Jeff come out & say what a cluster F##K this is!
We were screwed during 2020 re:- the fixture ( & most years ) & now this?
2 big clubs at a piss ant capacity stadium!
Play the Freo. v Melb. over there in Perth & swap the West coast - Gold coast the other way. Fixed easy!
Out last game in Melb with crowds was roughies farewell game in 2019! yes that far back.
We'd get a minimum 70k at the G v Essendon Rd.1 if crowds are at full capacity. Plus as stated we haven't had a home v Ess. for an eternity!
Don't tell me the AFL aren't sticking it to us OK!
Enough is a fu**n enough!
If the club doesn't come out & shame headquarters, seriously punters are going to pull up stumps.
This is probably the AFL's agenda for us anyways!

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