2021 Formula One Season

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May 20, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
Gasly was on the track. What on earth is this post?

Drivers should be punished for ignoring flags, otherwise you get into the grey area where they will simply claim 'I didn't see the flag' or 'in my view there was no longer a hazard on track'. The marshal takes precedence - always - because it often takes time from the marshal waving the flag to it being communicated to race control and the teams. Better safe than sorry.
Just going off the pre race discussions around it.
Track was designated clear and under greens. Otherwise teams would have let the drivers know.

no yellows on the steering wheels either.

it sounded as though the individual marshall had a different idea didnwas acting under gut feel rather than any direct order - they wanted everyone to finish their laps and were satisfied that gasley was safely out of the way.

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