Game Day 2021 Fremantle FC Buddy Draft */\* DRAFT *\/*

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Jul 16, 2009
AFL Club
It's been a disrupted year so special circumstances have meant this hasn't been able to be organised yet.

Please express your interest in being involved, my intention would be for this sign up to be open until at least the 15th of February to give people plenty of time to notice it's on during a time when we aren't usually that active.

If I'm able to edit posts I'll add names here when I've recorded your inclusion.

How to get involved:

Please list your six top picks for who you would like in the draft, in order right here in this thread.

1 - Serong
2 - Fyfe
3 - Meek
4 - Lobb
5 - Tabs
6 - Pearce

Serong would be picked first, unless he is unavailable in which case Fyfe would be picked.

There will be multiples of the total list numbers depending on the number of people involved. Multiples of 43. So if we have 44 people sign up for the draft we will have 2x43=86 players available to be picked.

Once the draft roll is finalised everyone will be assigned a random number by an excel spreadsheet and listed in order for a random draft pick. So there's no benefit to getting in early and no punishment for getting in right before the buzzer, this isn't the draft yet.

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