Competitions 2021 Freo Board Mock Draft

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Aug 16, 2009
AFL Club
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Anyone playing the Scum, Old Easts
With my last pick, I was after a speculative 190'ish utility who could end up as either a 3rd tall or a biggish mid, and Jai Serong was at the top of my list before Scham heartlessly stole him from me. My other options were Shay Linke, Tyreece Leiu, Jack Avery (until Scham took him too) or a bid on Patrick Voss, but with pick 77, Fremantle selects L. Whitelum, Central District, Tanunda FC.

So to sum up Freo's picks:
Pick 8: Josh Rachele (Small Forward/Mid, 180cm, Vic Country)
Pick 10: Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (Wing, 188cm, South Australia)
Pick 32: Jack Williams (Forward/Ruck, 197cm, Western Australian)
Pick 35: Jesse Motlop (Small Forward, 177cm, Western Australia)
Pick 63: Eric Benning (Ruck/Forward, 196cm, Western Australia)
Pick 77: Luca Whitelum (Medium Forward/Mid, 188cm, South Australia)

Over to you, Lach72.
Would be pretty stoked with this haul. Nice work jerms.

Piggy Smalls

Unofficial SFA Fantasy Pig
Nov 30, 2018
AFL Club
With pick 3678 Geelong pick Toby Murray. Ruck/forward from Murray Bushrangers.
This is the second ruckman named Toby we have selected this draft. Ceglar will be cutting oranges by round 20.

eastfreo75 you’re up again Port

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 19, 2004
AFL Club
So, how did we do?
Overall, pretty good, the first non drafted player was taken at 43 (I have that dubious homour ☺). Some big winners, Bastyy got Sheldrick at 39 and Tunstill at 61. Amiss at 16 was a bargain by Spirit Level , Alere at 29 for Richmond by WilloTree, Motlop at 35 by jerms , and I'm happy I got Wilmot, Lohmann and Serong later than they went.
On the other side, jerms went way too early on Williams, Lach72 went early on Johnson, Unique Name went way too early on Draper, and DragoDelph went too early on Taylor. And then of course there was the non drafted players.

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