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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 3, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
My, how the wheel turns. Wouldn't say they were exactly 'stacked' with KPF talent given Kennedy probably has just the one year left; but assuming Darling holds out, they are now one injury to Josh Kennedy away from having an Allen / Waterman setup.

I bet they are really regretting dumping Brander.
kennedy to freo was on the cards for a while there. players had to take a pay cut to retain him.

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Premium Platinum
Nov 15, 2000
AFL Club
St Kilda
What an absolute shocker from Gold Coast. Their off-season has been beyond-words bad.

If that was the Saints I would legitimately cancel my membership. This is a club that desperately needs success too and needs to get things right. They've given away so many good players for free, also handed off pick 19 and probably would have gone about their whole trade period differently if they'd known they were losing Greenwood.

I heard an interview with their list-manager on the AFL draft podcast and thought he sounded incompetent. Looks like the vibe was real.

At least it means for now that no matter how bad we are there's another club that will no doubt be worse. Thank you Gold Coast.

if we want Ben, then I wish they would be incompetent next year,


Premiership Player
Sep 28, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
if we want Ben, then I wish they would be incompetent next year,
I have done some recent reading of two theories about stupid people.
I posted a brief comment about it previously.
Well, GC fits snugly into one of the theory’s categories.
In that, in this instance, they could be classified as Haplessly Stupid because their action penalised themselves but benefited others.
Undoubtedly next year they will be Classically Stupid and penalise both themselves and others (ie: Bing and us).


Senior List
Nov 29, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda

Amazing how some clubs can get away with these things... accidentally didn't nominate for the National Draft so they will be unavailable until the rookie draft. No idea if anyone would have taken them anyway but God I hope someone jumps in early in the Rookie Draft. Dodgy as.

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