2021 Guernsey Numbers

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Jul 21, 2010
Gold Coast
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Philadelphia 76ers
empty numbers currently:

1 (hanley)
2 (miles)
17 (c. ellis)
30 (wright)
33 (GHS)
36 (shoenfeld)
38 (joyce)
40 (heron)
45 (dawson)
47 (fletcher)
49 (riordan)

new players
elijah hollands
jacob townsend
alex davies
joel jeffrey
rhys nicholls
aiden fyfe
rory atkins
oleg markov
hewago paul oea (ace)
(let me know if i missed any)

any guesses who'll take what? atkins to 1 or 17, king might move down, maybe sharp too?

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