Injury 2021 Injury Updates Thread

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Sep 29, 2012
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Port Adelaide
It sounds as if it's just a load management issue? Maybe the foots just a month or so behind the rest of the body in conditioning?
50% game time in trials and build it from there perhaps they just got a bit ahead of themselves letting him play the full internal trial? Feeling good go sit in the square it'll be fun

Steve Dore

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Aug 30, 2004
a three hour tour.
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Port Adelaide
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Minnesota Vikings, Canadiens, Ports
Flying to sydney for a checkup
Inb4 navicular management.
How does consulting a specialist in Sydney turn a long term plantar fascia injury into a stress fracture of the navicular bone?

Are you saying that his condition, which has been managed since part way through last season, has been misdiagnosed all along?

Grave Danger

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Jun 6, 2000
West Perth
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Port Adelaide
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The Fertilizer has just published this story on Connor and while it mentions his plantar issue affecting his form last year, there is not a mention of his 'latest setback', or trip to Sydney. Strange.

Port Adelaide’s Connor Rozee hoping for more consistency, plus a premiership in 2021
After bursting onto the AFL scene in 2019, Connor Rozee concedes his form was inconsistent last year. But a new season brings new opportunity.

Connor Rozee pays little attention to outside opinions about his football.
“I don’t read that much in terms of media so people are always going to put external expectations on you,” Rozee tells The Advertiser.

“I know what’s expected of me from the coaches and internally from the club.”

This time last year, Rozee was one of the most talked-about youngsters in the league.

He had hit the ground running after being drafted fifth at the end of 2018, finishing his debut season as runner-up in the Rising Star Award, the Power’s top goalkicker with 29.22 and fourth in the club’s best and fairest.

But most pundits would agree, Rozee’s performances dropped away in 2020.

The 21-year-old concedes his form “was definitely not where I’d hoped”.

A key factor behind that was tearing part of his plantar fascia on his right foot in Round 7, which restricted the change of direction and explosiveness of a player known for those traits.

Injury aside, Rozee, who booted 9.9 last year, was not as consistent as he wanted.

“My first couple of games were pretty good and then I probably had a bit of a drop in form just before the injury, which didn’t help,” says Rozee, whose training schedule may need easing at times in 2021 due to his foot issue.

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Doctor Feel

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Mar 30, 2009
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Port Adelaide
Put him on ice until round one, there's next to nothing to be gained by running him out in practice games.
Strongly disagree. I would rather ease his training load but keep him in match sims than have to get match practice when its the real stuff. if the only surgery option is cutting the plantar facia, then we would have to reach a pretty bad turning point to proceed with that.


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Jul 17, 2010
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Port Adelaide
So in a matter of a few days weve gone from

Hes flying
To hes having a checkup
To hes going to sydney for the checkup
To hes going to need a new management program
To the flight to sydney found issues
To the management program is because it's a different issue to what we thought.

And all weve heard from the club is 'hes fine'

A+ transparency Port.

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