Workshop 2021 Jumper Ideas thread

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Sep 12, 2015
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Mentioned this in other threads. Any idea about altering the Prison Bars can be taken on as ideas for away/clash jumpers.
Pretty much.

People wanting to add a teal yoke or do teal bars are missing the point. It’s like if West Coast returned the wings but had to do it in navy/ochre and whilst that does sound like my idea of a great time, it’s about the history, it has to be the royal blue and gold.

Do what you will for an away/clash but that historical aesthetic has to be maintained. Black guernsey, white bars, (ideally) white collar & cuffs.


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Jun 24, 2011
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My first AFL design since the Canberra Parliament. Slowly getting the enthusiasm back.
Now... Bare with me. Yes, I'm a hypocrite, because I haven't liked any designs combining the yoke and the bars/wharf pylons. I've criticised every single one very openly, and that's purely because:

I will ALWAYS prefer the traditional guernsey. Nothing can improve it (except for the actual side that wears it :drunk:)

That gorgeous piece of fabric that I was born to hate because I'm a Double Blues supporter. However, I've had this idea for years - I've just never had the chance to design it. Every mish-mash design I've seen on here combining the teal yoke with the white of the prison bars, which just doesn't look bold enough for me. SO, I've separated the two designs to not overshadow the main element - the vertical stripes, and had as much black on the front as possible to not draw too much attention to the yoke , which I have also darkened.

The number panel (which always works with the regular and much better prison bars) has been hinted at here with the continuation of the yoke and horizontal bar... Probably would just get rid of the teal on the back if I designed it again. My original idea was to have a 2000s-style Richmond back a la one of the very early Power prototypes (teal numbers) but it just didn't look good with the amount of white on the front.
Port Adelaide Power Prison Bars.png

Have at it. This is how I would do it, essentially.

...Except it would be on a 2000s Nike template like the SBS jumper. Can you imagine those thick cuffs? 🤤
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