Preview 2021 Match Preview Schedule

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Apr 10, 2014
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Port Adelaide
If anyone wants to do a preview for any game this year then let me know here. I’ll get a thread started for every game that’s not taken this year. And as always, Round 23 is reserved for GremioPower

Round 2 vs Essendon
Round 3 vs West Coast: AdamMarrett
Round 4 vs Richmond
Round 5 vs Carlton
Round 6 vs St Kilda
Round 7 vs Brisbane
Round 8 vs Adelaide
Round 9 vs Western Bulldogs: Jason K
Round 10 vs Collingwood
Round 11 vs Fremantle: AdamMarrett
Round 13 vs Geelong
Round 14 vs Gold Coast
Round 15 vs Sydney
Round 16 vs Hawthorn
Round 17 vs Melbourne
Round 18 vs St Kilda
Round 19 vs Collingwood: Kingfish73
Round 20 vs GWS: Capital Power
Round 21 vs Adelaide: Alyx
Round 22 vs Carlton
Round 23 vs Western Bulldogs: GremioPower
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Aug 28, 2014
Perth WA
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Chicago Bulls, Anaheim Ducks
AdamMarrett pre-function will be at the Empire Bar from 1:30pm. Food platters will be put on, $9 pints. Hoping to get Chad Cornes come in for Q&A around 2:30-3PM.
Usual raffle, auctions etc.
All welcome, always a good time. Also trying to get Mitch’s dad to come along.

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