Official Club Stuff 2021 Membership Tally - *71,590 as at 25th Feb 2021

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Earls Smother

Team Captain
Oct 4, 2019
AFL Club
Some weekly 2020 updates for comparison:

05 Feb: 55, 575 | 67,728 | +12,153
12 Feb: 57, 550
19 Feb: 59, 613
26 Feb: 61, 843
03 Mar: 64, 270
08 Aprl: 67, 000

It increased ~2000 members on average per week last year from this point, which would see us reach 80k by R1 if those figures are replicated.
We should really be looking at a total closer to 90,000 if the decision on crowd numbers is positive. There is obviously a fair chunk of "new" (read freebies) members in our current figure. Then add the expected 12,000 like you said. We also missed out on basically all the post-round-1 joiners last year, as no-one could go to games. There would also be a percentage of people waiting for more info on what the season looks like in terms of crowds, venues etc. before committing.

There is still so much uncertainty. The women's fixture is changing constantly. Last week in Perth shows what can happen in the blink of an eye.

The club rang me yesterday as I'm generally a late renewer - often coinciding with a trip to Melbourne for a pre-season game or similiar. I said if you can tell me what the crowd figures will be, and what level of membership I need to get in, then I will re-commit on the spot. The girl was great and we had quite a long discussion and she said there are others thinking along the same lines. Given that Gil wouldn't know himself what round one crowds might look like at present, we agreed to a call back later in Feb.

I will certainly rejoin, along with my 2 daughters, it is just a matter of deciding what level of membership is most appropriate when more information is available. I think if that information is positive we will get to around 90,000. That would become even more likely if we start well.

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