2021 Membership

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 18, 2011
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Details have come out today re: 2021 Membership.

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 1.22.58 pm.png

Few noticeable points:

1. Pricing seems to be the same as do entitlements - the worry from the survey earlier in the year was unfounded in the end. Don't really see any changes there at all.

2. No more membership cards and lanyards seemingly. Fully mobile memberships from next season onwards. Will miss the annual ritual of selecting someone for the back of the card a little. Membership pack now includes:

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 1.26.24 pm.png

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Section 5

Club Legend
Nov 26, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Looks like i will have to change my User name to Section 201
Can i do this or am i forever Section 5 ??
Lucky i am good at numbers because those extra 2 digits can be a memory issue for the over 50 clique


All Australian
Oct 8, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Hate how we have to use the vouchers we get with the pack to purchase a member scarf and lanyard. I use both every year so just a little bit peeved. Would prefer to use the voucher on other items but oh well.

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In Fagan we trust.
Jun 1, 2008
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
20% off is welcomed. Especially since we’re probably picking up another seat for my daughter next year. After 3 years of having her on my lap it’s getting awfully cramped, especially with the constant “I’m hungry, I want <insert random snack out of the cooler bag in the backpack directly underfoot>” that happens immediately after the first bounce.

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