2021 Membership

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Club Legend
Mar 15, 2008
Standing on Sacred Ground
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Just received from the club. Greatly appreciated.

Dear knaf

Thank you for your loyalty to the Club amidst all the challenges that 2021 has presented. Members are an integral part of our Club and without their amazing ongoing support we simply could not survive.

Whilst we hoped that 2021 would see the challenges of the global pandemic behind us we understand that this season you have not received the full value of your membership due to the COVID-19 interruptions.

As a Victorian member you were not able to access three matches included as part of your membership and as such the Brisbane Lions will be offering a 40% discount off your renewal of game access membership in 2022.

This discount will be applied to your invoice in your myLions account during the 2022 renewal period. As always, if you are experiencing financial hardship you are welcome to contact the Club to discuss your options further.
We look forward to the 2022 Season and are filled with hope of being back in front of our Victorian Members and bringing you plenty to cheer about.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to continuing our journey together in 2022.

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