List Mgmt. 2021 Mid-Season Draft

In the 2021 MSD, Carlton should select...

  • Charlie McKay (F/S)

    Votes: 10 8.4%
  • Dominic Akuei (NGA)

    Votes: 9 7.6%
  • Best available mature age player

    Votes: 49 41.2%
  • Best available U19 (overlooked in last year's draft)

    Votes: 40 33.6%
  • Other - Specify

    Votes: 11 9.2%

  • Total voters

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 22, 2014
AFL Club
Correct. Coverage begins 6:30PM.

Who are you hoping to get drafted?
Aiden Begg. Coached him for 3 or 4 cricket seasons. Great kid, great family. Versatile tall, but will miss the rest of the year with a shoulder. Read somewhere that Collingwood might be into him, which would be about the worst result for me, but fantastic for him. With three picks to use, and a lack of developing talls, I'd be thrilled if we took him late.

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Sep 26, 2004
AFL Club
OK, some of my thoughts:


Looks all but certain to be our first pick unless the Suns take him with the pick before us.
Has come from nowhere, a very steep rise over the past 12-18 months.
On limited viewing, looks very raw and a long-term project but has plenty to work with.
Volleyball background. Has a great leap and tap work looks excellent, as is to be expected.
Severely lacking around the ground but if he's a coachable character that can come quickly.


Have had a quick look through the list of nominations - and have found my rankings from the last national draft.


Must be said I have not seen any vision of the above in 2021 (except for limited viewing of Briskey and MacPherson who from memory were both involved at VFL level when we played Brisbane and the Dogs earlier in the season).

Rankings do not take into account what they have shown this year - ie. I don't believe Carrigan or Kolar have played above local level (or at all) in 2021 so would drop down my list, whereas Bravo, Ham etc. have featured at VFL level so probably rise in my thoughts.

Maher, Gribble have both been linked to Carlton and feature in the above. So for mine they were both in the next 15 or so to not be drafted and whilst I haven't seen either this year have no issue with them if we go down that path.

Of those who missed out the year prior, Liam Delahunty is the one I'd be most keen on. Thought he was very stiff to miss out on a list spot somewhere and has done OK at VFL level thus far in 2021 with Port Melbourne - 3 goals 4 behinds from his 2 matches to date (I think).

Plenty of Carlton related names to keep an eye out for tonight. Good luck to them - but am selfishly hoping we don't hear any of our NGA or F/S eligible players drafted as I'd like to have first crack at them at the end of the year.


Premiership Player
Oct 2, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
Steelers,Dodgers,Casey Stoner
Let me start off by saying that Mirkov is RAW. Like REALLY RAW. And that in theory he has LOTS of upside. the rest of my post.

I have seen many posters wax lyrical about his match against Brisbane as proof he could be an elite tap ruckman. That he destroyed his opponent and gave us an armchair ride for our domination that day.

In that infamous Brissy game, he got 36 hitouts (very nice). But he had only 3 possessions. 3! His opponent, Tom Fullarton, was badly beaten in the ruck contests (20 HOs) but had an incredible 33 disposals, 4 marks and 8 clearances. And Fullarton isn't the 2nd coming of Dean Cox. He has averaged <10 touches and <2 clearances in his young AFL career so far (and that's after I removed a match where he got injured).

Again, I know Mirkov has upside and I don't question his height, leap and ruckwork, BUT...... he is (currently) useless outside of that.

He seems years away from AFL output based on fitness and gameplay. We used to give Warnock sh*t for being useless outside ruck contests. Does Mirkov not project to be an even more exaggerated version of that? Where worst case, he takes up a spot for years, base case he might be a poor man's Warnock and only in an ideal world does he end up being a good pickup?

A penny for your thoughts?

Concerned in Carlton
First off I agree completely he is extremely raw and did very little outside of the ruck taps, like Pittonet but can actually tap the ball to our advantage, this would of course be a long term selection not an immediate fix but we need a long term ruck prospect and if we can get one cheaply in the mid season draft it’s a bonus.

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Brownlow Medallist
Nov 4, 2003
Earth, near Carlton.
AFL Club
Other Teams
Tennessee Titans, Tottenham Hotspur
I'm relatively confident at least one of our picks tonight will pan out rather well. When it comes to these non-traditional avenues of signing players (non-draft/trade/free agent picks) we recently seem to have done alright.

Gibbons and Cottrell have been fantastic pickups considering how we got them. Even Deluca I think did quite well with the chance he got, he was considered unlucky to not have been extended at the time. Owies being a cat B rookie from basketball has come on well also considering his start point.
That list of names isn't filling me with confidence. Compare it to: Thornton, Carrazo, Jacobs, Jamison, Ed, Byrne, Sheehan... I can go on.

Our old recruitment staff weren't the best with investing the blue chip picks in the top 40, but they had a wide network.

Correct. Coverage begins 6:30PM.
7PM tonight.
30 minutes preamble? That'll run longer than the draft... 🤣

Is the draft on Kayo?
I assume so but can't confirm.
Better option is to probably watch it on the afl website here:
It's exclusively on Jeremias can we get the link on the pinned post, or get another post pinned? :thumbsu:

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