Club History 2021 Milestone Games

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May 23, 2012
Alberton Oval
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Thought I'd make the full list due to the draft being over. Will try to update the thread every round next year if no one else is able to.

If I've missed anything or something is incorrect feel free to add.

AFL Milestones: (22 games to go)
300 AFL Games: (Club Record at AFL Level)

Travis Boak (13 games to go)

250 AFL Games:
Robbie Gray (9 games to go)

200 AFL Games:
Hamish Hartlett (14 games to go)
Steven Motlop (12 games to go)

100 PAFC AFL Games: (Father-Son Eligibility)
Dan Houston (19 games to go)
Karl Amon (18 games to go)
Charlie Dixon (8 games to go)
Tom Clurey (ACHIEVED)

100 AFL Games:

Orazio Fantasia (16 games to go)

50 PAFC AFL Games:
Ryan Burton (22 games to go)
Scott Lycett (13 games to go)
Steven Motlop (ACHIEVED)

50 AFL Games:

Todd Marshall (14 games to go)
Xavier Duursma (11 games to go)
Connor Rozee, Zak Butters (10 games to go)

Tyson Goldsack (1 game to go)
Aliir Aliir, Orazio Fantasia (ACHIEVED)

AFL Debut:

Sam Hayes, Martin Frederick, Jackson Mead, Dylan Williams, Trent Burgoyne, Jake Pasini, Ollie Lord, Taj Schofield (1 game to go)
Miles Bergman, Lachlan Jones (ACHIEVED)

SANFL Milestones: (20 games to go)
200 SANFL Games:

Jace Bode (5 games to go)

50 PAFC SANFL Games:
Tom Clurey (13 games to go)

50 SANFL Games:
Kane Farrell, Joel Garner (20 games to go)
Trent McKenzie, Boyd Woodcock, Jake Westbrook (18 games to go)
Will Drew (16 games to go)
Todd Marshall (15 games to go)
Riley Bonner (13 games to go)
Darcy Byrne-Jones (9 games to go)
Sam Mayes (6 games to go)
Peter Ladhams (3 games to go)

Orazio Fantasia, Ryan Burton, Robbie Gray, Travis Boak, Connor Rozee, Sean Samblich, Jace Bode (1 game to go)
Lachlan Jones, Jackson Mead, Jake Weidemann, Luke Surman, Jake Westbrook, Cambell Wildman, Dylan Aldridge (ACHIEVED)

SANFL Debut:

Aliir Aliir, Xavier Duursma, Mitch Georgiades, Jake Pasini, Tyson Goldsack, Miller Carter, Owen Montgomery, Aryan Sareen, Nicholas Hooker, Callum Saunders, Tim Dickson (1 game to go)
Dylan Williams, Trent Burgoyne, Ollie Lord, Taj Schofield, Ethan Moore, Miles Bergman (ACHIEVED)
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May 23, 2012
Alberton Oval
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Round 4 AFL Milestone:
Lachlan Jones makes his AFL Debut.

Round 2 SANFL Milestones:
Dylan Aldridge makes his PAFC SANFL Debut.
Miles Bergman makes his SANFL Debut.
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