2021 MotoGP - Congratulations Remy, Thanks Rossi!

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Jan 9, 2004
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You should be thankful. Motogp wouldn’t exist without Dorna panicking he was going to retire about 2012 and putting in place measures that enhanced the sport to make it the best motorsport series around.

Drastic overstatement but contains some truth.

Rossi's Ducati years - apart from just being enjoyable to watch - opened Dorna's eyes to realise his hype as saviour of the sport was in fact mere fallacy. Despite Valentino's immense popularity, the sport had a lack of sponsorship, dwindling grids and whilst credited with expanding the volume of fans watching the sport, it turned out a significant portion of those fans were fans only of Rossi and not MotoGP, turning their televisions off when he was uncompetitive.

They got ride of the 800s
They got rid of the stupid crt teams and put pressure on the factories to produce more customer bikes.
Control tyres
Changed qualifying format.

They have pulled a number of levers to make the class more even.

The change from 800cc to 1000cc had nothing to do with Rossi. That decision was made in 2009.
They actually brought the CRT bikes to the grid in 2012, not got rid of them. This period was incredibly important for filling out the grid numbers and has directly led to the current state of MotoGP.
Control tyres were introduced in 2009. These were in response to Rossi's moaning he no longer got the benefit of overnight specials from Michelin. It's debatable as to whether it is better for the sport.

Some of the levers that Dorna have cleverly pulled to make MotoGP the spectacle it currently:
- Fixed rules for 5 years at a time giving manufacturers confidence to invest and develop
- Cost containment measures including:
- fixed engine parameters (four cylinders, fixed bore and stroke)
- called Hondas bluff and introduced the spec ECU (direct descendant of CRT)
- Testing and development concessions for new and unsuccessful manufacturers (direct descendant of CRT)
These led to the entry of KTM and the return of Suzuki and allowed them, along with Ducati, to rise and break the Honda and Yamaha duopoly.

So whilst Rossi may have been some sort of catalyst for change, it's Dorna who deserve the credit for having the vision and the guts to put MotoGP where it is today.

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