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Puppies are scary
Oct 17, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
My best trade for the year actually happened 5 mins before lockout in round 1.

Had been messing around all preseason with D4 5 and 6 and decided last minute to bite the bullet and premo up my back more messing around.

So I bought in Ridley as he'd never featured in my side in the preseason.

He is now my best player with an average of 130.

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Smooth Banana

Club Legend
Aug 19, 2013
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Other Teams
Hello kents how's it going?

I'm seeing a lot of Ridley trades here. Well done, great move. But the real heroes here are those that started Ridley. You know who you are you splendid kents. Real kents.

Here's a tip for you casual SC players, get Ridley in your team. Don't take him out for the next 6-7 years. He is that good. Jake Lloyd dreams that one day, that one glorious day, he will take a contested pack mark. Ridley does that every week. This man actually chases people down and tackles them hard. He has strong and reliable hands, elite marking. You feel safe when the ball is coming his way and that, in itself, is a beautiful thing as a supporter. I haven't seen the numbers, its fair to say he is elite at intercept marks and contested marks-especially one on one. He gives the ball and immediately looks to receive it back-this is what we want.

Wait for it.... he takes all the kick Ins. All of them. He is an absolute pig, but the good kind. Not like Lloyd who makes you feel dirty, even as an owner. Something doesn't feel right. But as a Ridley owner, and supporter in my case, you feel empowered and happy. He has mastered that 15-35 metre kick but can also go long.

It's not often I get to sit down and watch a whole game of football these days. But I sat down to watch Ridley, Merrett and their essendon friends from start to finish. I celebrated every St Kilda point knowing my friend, my son, Ridley would step up and find a man with his kick or run 20 metres and kick it 60 down the middle. I'm not one to check scores until quarter breaks but I had the scores open next to me and watching Ridleys score rise was an amazing feeling- I really felt moments of joy. I felt like I was watching my son play, riding every possession with him.

Get him in. Start him next year and the year after. He cannot be stopped. Taggers tend to be shorter, can't tag him.

Ridley = success.

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