2021 NBA Draft (powered by State Farm). Friday 9:30am EST

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Marcel Proust

"Oohh WADA ooga booga" {Jul 11 2013}
Sep 6, 2018
AFL Club
best 3 and D? Guy shot 24% from 3 in the G-League.
Moody is 3 and d.

Kumma has huge ceiling apparently. He has been rated top5 all season and slipped last couple weeks...

Doesn't fit warriors timeline but too good to pass up... Good trade value if they wanna flip for beal or Simmons(?). I assume wizards would want him maybe not sixers

Apparently gm Draymond wanted him too.

Personally I reckon they should get Simmons or keep Wiseman. Kumma. Moody together. Pretty nice support for the big 3 even if they are a bit young

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 26, 2012
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Pick 4 Toronto Raptors – Jalen Suggs:

Some view the top 4 of this draft as all even. Jalen Sugg is a 6’4 point guard who has shown to be very good at defense and hitting clutch shots. He has great playmaking and can score without being an elite shooter. I wouldn’t be shocked if Toronto pull a surprise and choose Scottie Barnes instead though.

Pick 5 Orlando Magic – Jonathan Kuminga:

If Toronto pass on Suggs expect Suggs to be the pick but I have Orlando picking Kuminga. 6’8 wing who played in the G league. Has scoring, shooting and defensive potential but overall struggled in the G league apart from his first few games. Boom or bust selection
Still hurts, would have lead me to getting every pick in the lottery correct from flow on impact.


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Sep 10, 2007
On the punt
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What's the big deal on Moody fellas?
Dude is 6'6 with a 7'1 wingspan, high level defender, with some shooting touch. Pacers perimeter d stinks, we need someone like Moody
Also a gun horse trainer so should be popular with the boys putting a Quaddie on Saturdays

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