2021 NBA Finals Thread (Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks). Bucks Champions

Who will lift the Larry O'Brien trophy?

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Toffee Lion

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Oct 10, 2011
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Some good stuff in here, particularly the flash backs to young Giannis and Middleton. Pretty sure the Bucks were the worst team in the league their first year together.

Yeah we went 15-67, got the 2nd pick in the draft and then Jabari did his ACL just a few months into his rookie year.

Then Adam Silver came along and said that if we don't get a new arena, we'll be moved to Seattle. Things were BLEAK.

Fortunately we got the funding in 2015, Giannis started to come along and the rest is history.

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May 6, 2005
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Feel bad for Monty. Probably the only person on that Suns team that i like, so it is gutting to watch this.

hard to watch. all the hoopla and hollering outside.

i was surprised that espn showed and talked more about the eulogy he gave at his ex wifes funeral. I felt uneasy, uncomfortable as it gave the impression that MW will win this game for him and her, and win game 7 for them.

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