Play Nice 2021 NBA Playoffs Thread - Conference Semi Finals. Nets v Bucks, 76ers v Hawks, Jazz v Clippers, Suns v Nuggets

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Aug 17, 2009
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Sixers are a completely different beast to the Knicks.

Sixers defend and can score.

Knicks defend but struggle to score.

Not sure how some Hawks fans couldn't see this. The Sixers aren't the Knicks.

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Sep 6, 2018
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For being that tall, he has zero presence, like the tweet says, he's 7'3 for no apparent reason. And as you said he's ok from outside but he's no Steph/Dame/KD etc... so you could get someone who can shoot like KP and instead be 6'6 so he can put it on the floor, play make, defend and do other stuff. As KP seems to offer nothing but ok shooting.

Cuban has to make moves to get Doncic help as I wouldnt even call KP a No.2 guy. Most title challengers have two top stars and a really good third option.

Mitchell, Gobert and Conley.
Ayton, CP3 and Booker.
Simmons, Embiid and Harris.
Harden, KD, Kyrie.
Giannis, Middleton, Jrue.

Doncic has zero help. Cuban will definitely make moves though.
Unicorn average +20 points in the regular season.

THJ good player too. Sounds like lots of excuses for luka. Ayton just puts the head down does some essendon like activities and gets in on business
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