NCAA 2021 - NCAA - Week 6

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Back One Out

Brownlow Medallist
Mar 2, 2015
AFL Club
Great game in Iowa with the Hawkeyes coming back from a 10-20 deficit to defeat Penn State 23-20

I prefer close games with great defence to those ridiculous bruise-free shootouts

Crowd was going bananas as Penn State was repeatedly backed up & punting from their own end zone with something like 10 or 11 false starts

Hopefully Iowa can win the Big Ten and go to the playoffs

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Dirty Bird

Pokémon Master
Aug 1, 2010
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#BostonStrong #RiseUp
Did I make the call here or on the Boise State forum.

When it was announced that the NCAA will allow seniors to hang around another year and not count the 2020 season due to covid. I made the call that it'll make next year (ie. 2021) amazing.

The bigger schools will still lose their players to the NFL and stay at that level. But the lesser schools will be able to keep a few experienced heads on the field and be better for it (in the short term, long term I think it'd backfire tbh)

Coming to fruition this year with upsets everywhere.

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