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Norm Smith Medallist
May 30, 2012
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I listen to Simmons and Sal every week during the NFL season - granted their insight isn't always the best but it's a fun podcast (mainly due to Sal) and you get the fan/gamblers excitement.

The only other NFL podcast I listen to every week is the GM Shuffle with Mike Lombardi. Love his insight and his Soprano references though I know there will be plenty who think he's full of sh*t half the time.

I also have the Athletic Football show with Robert Mays and the Bill Barnwell shows in my feed but haven't had time to listen to them much this year. They're usually good for off/pre-season stuff as they can be quite informative.

I haven't really found a good Jets podcast though there are heaps out there. The Athletic one is ok but the Jets reporter Connor Hughes is a massive w***er so I can't listen that often.

Yeah, I listen to Simmons pod and then Ryan Russilo's show every Tuesday. Simmons is a good casual chat and you definitely can't take it too seriously. He said recently he doesn't know what 'cover 0' is, so I think the average poster on this forum is more knowledgeable than him tbh. He just tries to tie or think about it all from a Patriots point of view. Russilo is good but some of his guests like Jonathan Vilma suck.
The Athletic is decent but Robert Mays is an absolute dork, gets a little grating.
The one that I have found myself listening to a lot more across this season is Chris Long's podcast called Green Light I think. A good review of all the games and obviously has a good perspective from being in the league so long.


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Feb 28, 2009
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