NFL 2021 - NFL Draft Discussion

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Oct 6, 2020
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San Francisco 49ers, Notre Dame
I tend to not have guys that had injuries ruined there careers before it got going as major busts. It's guys like Ryan Leaf, Demarcus Russell, Justin Blackmon that aren't committed to the game and just throw the chances away.

A guy who they consider the biggest bust charles rogers was just plain unlucky he caught 22 passes for 243 yards and three touchdowns in 5 games good start to his career before breaking his clavicle and missing rest of rookie season, then first game back in 2nd season he broke the same clavicle and got hooked on painkiller Vicodin while recovering, which lead to other drugs which lead to fail drug tests and no more career. He died in 2019 from Liver Cancer he got from his hard living and drug addiction. Its a sad tale with alot of bad luck thrown in.
Compare that to a guy like Jamarcus Russell who was fat and lazy he had no reason other than lack of commitment for him failing to live up to his draft position.

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