2nds 2021 Peel Thunder (Freo Reserves) Discussion

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Stockholm Syndrome
Oct 12, 2019
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South Fremantle, Hull City
Hey guys, I come in peace. Great draft haul, sets you up really well for those ambitious goals you've set for the next half decade or so.

Wasn't sure how closely you guys follow the Peel colts, but has anyone seen much of Hough? He seems like an interesting prospect and would love the opinion of someone who may have watched him live. Cheers. :)
Don't follow Peel Colts but I know Hough earned a league debut and had a really solid performance. :)

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masai tu

Oct 17, 2021
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All going well, I can see our new crop of youngsters, spending most of the season at Peel. I want to see them growing their game and pushing for senior selection.

The youngsters will only be required in the senior team if, ....... injuries, sh*te form from seniors, or they are playing out of their skins and forcing senior selection. Freo are flying, Peel fly too.


Brownlow Medallist
Oct 24, 2015
AFL Club
How good is the Peel forwardline going to be next year? They’ll have actual KPFs to kick to…
Will be a bit surreal watching tall forwards at Peel. Bolstered even further by Polson probably getting some League games in 2022 and Peel having also recruited Riley Smith (a 200cm ruck/forward) from Vic.

They have lost a fair bit of leadership with Howlett and Schofield retiring and Jackson Merrett going back to Vic. Meanwhile McGowan and Humble have come back to Peel.

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