Vent 2021 Regrets / Vents .... Oh My !

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 19, 2011
AFL Club
I've watched him a couple of times but never noticed him around the back half.

Probably due to drinking too many beers and getting pissed off at him and Cameron.
Yeah, it may just be as simple as GWS being sh*t and him being a downhill skier. Anyway I need to decide to cut him or Helmet, who seems to have attracted the tag now. 😒

Andrew Birch

Fantasy Football Enthusiast
Dec 3, 2017
AFL Club
Other Teams
Defence? Could have sworn he was just stuck up forward all the time.
I haven't seen a gws game and I'd heard the same.

View attachment 1100504
Jelly's playing the same HF role that Whitfield played so well for much of the 2019 season when he averaged 111 running between the arcs as the link up to the forwards. Jelly just doesn't play that role as well as Whitfield does. Also, GWS' forward line is not what it used to be so Jelly's Score Involvements & Inside 50s have dried up a bit this year and even last year. Might just be a symptom of a declining GWS team as a whole. It will be interesting how/if Whitfield's imminent return affects Jelly's role and output.


Pavlovs Cat

Premiership Player
Sep 19, 2012
AFL Club
Other Teams
Norwood, Aston Villa
Neale. What to do? Suck it up and preserve the trade and cop his shitty 85s or abandon ship and upgrade to Coliver or man of Steele?


Club Legend
Aug 13, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Too many risky picks and not getting the big midfielders in (650k range)
Been lucky with the fact they've been getting tagged but as the season goes on the difference between those players and my own will be 50-60 points a week.

Faz 2000

Norm Smith Medallist
May 10, 2007
Under the table
AFL Club
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Pittsburgh Penguins
A regret, and also a warning. I started Rowell. OK, that was a disaster, so I flipped him to Butters. He died. Now, fair warning, I'm changing Butters to some other premo this week - likely Zerrett. Apologies in advance to any Zerrett owners, this roster position in my side *might* be cursed.

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