VFL 2021 Sandringham Zebras

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Kunter Clark

Nov 11, 2020
AFL Club
St Kilda
Bytel was very good as was dunsta. Was also really good to see Marshall out there. He seemed to be enjoying himself too.

Allison worked his guts out and got on the end of a couple. It wasn’t a day for forwards and perfect footy due to the howling wind but he kept at it and definitely looks a likely type.

interestingly, I was advised that Carlisle is definitely playing ruck today

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Rooster 24

Club Legend
Jul 31, 2009
AFL Club
St Kilda
VFL round 1 not for another fortnight. Sandy website suggests they are only playing 3 practice games with none scheduled for next week. Surely a host of out of form and/or returning Saints players need a run. Anyone here in the Sandy inner sanctum or might otherwise know if that decision is being reviewed?


Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 14, 2007
AFL Club
St Kilda


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 14, 2012
The River Murray
AFL Club
St Kilda
Kent would be a chance too.
Reportedly very good in the past few practice games.
Kent for Lonie makes sense.

Add a bit more pave and pressure around the ground, allow Higgins to play the stay at him small forward role.

Can't see both Dunstan and Bytel coming in though. We already looked slow on the weekend.

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