MVP 2021 Syd Barker Medalist - Jy Simpkin - Congrats Jyza

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 13, 2003
Arden St - HOME of NMFC
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North Melbourne
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North Melbourne
Congratulations to Jy, Ben, Jack and the other winners! Cunners, you made me cry too. :'( 💙
Thank you so much to the club for the live stream. It was very enjoyable to watch and professionally done. Everyone spoke really well.
Hoping we can get to the footy next year to support the Mighty Roos! Roll on 2022!

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Makeshift Park

Senior List
Aug 6, 2021
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Have to say, this whole health scare did make me worry a bit that Cunners was going to want a more peaceful life out of the public eye at the cattle ranch. Couldn't have blamed him - he's given this club his all, and he's clearly a great Dad who loves spending time with his family.

But as a fan who loves watching him play probably more than any other current footballer, god this part of his speech made me happy: "You think you're a bit more alone, but the support from the club, everyone from the top of the club to the fans stuck at home, it actually makes me smile and want to keep continue playing for this great club. So it meant more than I ever thought."

Heaps of fun

Goatered on the sticks
Sep 13, 2013
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North Melbourne
I was surprised he polled a vote at all.

That there has been zero chatter about or interest in him for a trade, is telling. Quite a fall from grace.
The problem with trade interest is there would be clubs that would want him but not on the contract we have him on.

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Sep 9, 2016
AFL Club
North Melbourne
"This is the kind of passion and commitment to the team that Cunningham would bring to Essendon if they can secure him. A second rounder and a plodder should get it done" - Matt Rendell...probably

In all seriousness though, Cunners, what a man!
Fantastic recognition from Jy, cracked in as much as he possibly could've all season

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