Strategy 2021 Trade/Free Agent Targets Discussion

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Apr 19, 2006
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This thread is not to discuss current Hawthorn players and if they are in form or not, and whether they’re tradeable, what you think they’re worth.

This thread is about our Trade targets. Trade targets. Trade targets.

That means players at other clubs we have been linked to, and our interest in them going forward.

I remind you all that we are also not thinking up trade hypotheticals of how you would get it done in here.


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Jan 17, 2008
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Wonder if the same 3 way negotiation will go on for Jack Billings when he jumps from the sinking Saints ship. AFL need to tighten up this system. No FA compensation should effect the top 10 at least or maybe the entire first round. Its not fair on the rest of the cellar dwellers being knocked done multiple positions in the draft.
If they allowed contracted players to be traded, there would be absolutely no need for compensation. The compo is a massive distortion which destroys the draft. Last year’s draft was an embarrassment.


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Feb 8, 2017
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Ha, I hate the bombers also mate. And look their current position was not one they wanted, it was pure dumb luck and not good management.

But... Let's be real here. The AFL didn't make Carlton give up pick 8 for a half back flanker. And... the AFL didn't force the Lions to give up band 1 compo for Daniher... Dodoro had a blinder.

Even more, they got a 20 year old mid that GWS offered five years too, for pick 29 and some pick swaps.. because they threatened to walk him to pre-season.

Crazy trade period for the pricks... I honestly hope, if a Cerra is a chance, we are pricks also this trade period... threatening pre-season draft. Sadly Mitchell isn't a free agent to get us band one.
AFL gifted them on the Daniher compo.. it was massive, a top 10 pick for a bloke that had barely played in 2.5 years..

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Apr 12, 2021
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AFL gifted them on the Daniher compo.. it was massive, a top 10 pick for a bloke that had barely played in 2.5 years..
I disagree. The Lions are paying Joe Daniher 2.5 million over three years. That's over 833k per year on average and makes Joe one of the top 20/25 highest paid players in the game.

I get that it's not transparent, but that type of contract has always been Band 1.
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Aug 17, 2008
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I was all in when it became known Hill was returning to Melbourne because of his girlfriend‘s want to come home, but I think it’s clear Hill is only in it for the money now

That’s what happens when a youngish player, who already has climbed the mountain, moves clubs (cough Shai Bolton cough)
Shaun Burgoyne disagrees. How old was he in the Port flag?

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