2021 Trade/Free Agent Targets

Throw all the money at?

  • Josh Kelly

    Votes: 15 20.8%
  • Merrett

    Votes: 21 29.2%
  • Kelly and Merrett

    Votes: 28 38.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 11.1%

  • Total voters

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Strapping Young Lad

previously grumbleguts
Apr 19, 2006
Your local Satanist Cabal
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Spurs, Socceroos
I mean, I know it’s hard for some people, but can we not do the “we need to trade into the first round” thing in here.


It's also not the thread to discuss current Hawthorn players and if they are in form or not, and whether they’re tradeable.

Trade targets. Trade targets. Trade targets.

That means players at other clubs, and our interest in them going forward.


Club Legend
Jun 17, 2019
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Why I like Maynard (if the Collingwood cap issues are true) is that together with Sicily and Dimma we would have some true hard edge down back, would release Day and Scrim to the midfield rotation, CJ to a wing for run and athleticism, DGB with Sicily as the interceptors down back, still do the Cerra deal with PA for their 2021 first and Sam Hayes. Use the PA first and Collingwood second for Cerra. TMitch goes to PA.

Big Sam Hayes as the ruck partner with Reeves for ten years, Newcombe and this years first for the best mid. Add to Cerra.

Callow added to KP stocks. Work through him, Jeka, Kosi, Lewis to see if any are any good forward or back.

If the Collingwood Cap issues are correct, Maynard for a gaggle of second rounders, points necessary for Daicos is hopefully more likely. They would never do Moore.

All of a sudden this HFC team looks so much better

Anyway I can just dream.
If they have issues still i'm not giving anything in the top 30 for Maynard let alone more than one.

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Mercy Seat

Premiership Player
Sep 23, 2008
AFL Club
I'm slowly realising that we may may never get a big fish in the free agency we aren't a destination team and we won't pay the coin even if we had millions in our cap. Sad thing is we have to spend like 90% of our money on our current players.
We will be but it’s chicken and the egg stuff. We need to be a chance at a flag! Otherwise we are just another Melbourne club, without the perks of inner city lifestyle and massive crowds (ala Collingwood Richmond) or surf life and cheap land deals to your entire family (Geelong).

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