List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

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Club Legend
Jul 1, 2014
AFL Club
North Melbourne
if there's an overarching goal to the "north can't land a big fish" narrative, it's to embarrass the footy department and discourage them from making those offers in the first place. it's not that the offers were turned down, every club makes offers to big name players that get turned down, that's just a normal part of contract negotiations, and how those guys end up on such big salaries. it's that certain members of the media feel that north should just learn their place and not step out of line. the lesson is to ignore them and do what you were going to do anyway. you think we should ?

Liam Boy

Premiership Player
Oct 12, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne you think we should ?
if you're serious about winning flags you should be trying to build a list through whatever means are available. if that means offering big money to get great players to the club, that's absolutely what the footy department should be doing. we didn't lose anything by making offers to martin, kelly and gaff. if the club is letting media narratives dictate their decision making then they aren't serious.

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