Training 2021 Training Discussion

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May 7, 2009
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Training photos... Looks a pretty obvious IN: Banfield

Picture 15
Sighting of Luke Excellente

Connor (who dominates the gallery of pictures) is giving Luke a few tips on hiding spots.
“Mate when I messed around with Langdon’s ex I found a great hiding spot over there. Belly spent months looking for me around October/November so I could avoid the chop.”


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Nov 9, 2001
East Fremantle
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There's a lot going on in this photograph. It's actually quite disturbing and plainly has been heavily doctored, presumably as part of some fiendish psy-ops initiative.

First of all, the combination of orange training vest with a beard redder than the freshly spanked arsecheeks of an English public schoolboy is obviously meant to confuse and disorient.

Secondly, what the fresh new hell is this:

Bakery conefingers.PNG

This isn't human. At best it is evidence of some extraordinary photoshopping. At worst? Well, you tell me. I am more than a tad scared of it. Is he knocking off Mr Whippy now?

And don't even start me on the inclusion of what can only be an over-excited teenage fanboy, who "Blakely" is directing off the paddock.

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Jun 27, 2020
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Cool Runnings
You are so right. I hadn’t picked up on that resemblance. Macgyver was such a hoot of a show. All Macgyver needed was a coat hanger and an elastic band and he could do anything.
If your enjoyable late-night childhood T.V viewing sessions owe a debt to MacGyver as much as mine do, do yourself a favour and watch the take-off - "MacGruber" (that is, if you haven't already seen it).


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