2nds 2021 VFL and East Coast Second-Tier Competition

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 19, 2013
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I take it Dev is the 2nd emergency for tonight then and Berry Jnr will be the emergency/ medical sub. Therefore Payne, CEY and Joyce are all injured to some degree?


Club Legend
May 20, 2015
Maleny, Queensland
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Some interesting things from the game:

Archie Smith injured but playing now as a stationary full forward. Maybe just be a corked calf muscle.
Mathieson, has been good, he is the leader out there.
Ballenden playing in the back line, roaming halfback, has been good, he is a top player at this level.
Will Tasker from the Academy looks a possibility as a midfielder.
Cookatoo - hmmmmmmm - just easing him into the game - not inspiring yet.
Tom Joice - where are you - not on the injury list, not in this game.
Tom Cutler - we didn't make a mistake letting him go to the Bombers.
Deividas Uosis - what it's just his first game?
James Madden - knocking on the door of VFL, he is fast and keeps his feet well.
Kidean Coleman - yep he is a VFL player, has a running style that looks lazy and in defence doesn't seem as sharp as last year.

Final score 103 to the Lions 37 to the Bombers - I though we were not going to be competitive in this VFL, the Bombers were generally poor. young team apparently but like a mid level NEAFL side.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 14, 2001
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Overall a good performance. My best in no order, Mathieson, Robertson (before he went off), K Coleman, Ballenden (in the backline). Carter Michael came into the game a bit too. Cockatoo easing his way in, looked very rusty. Thought Brock Smith was impressive in the back line as well.


Premiership Player
Apr 4, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Reville has real talent . Composed under pressure.

Cockatoo worked into the game quite ok. Probably needs another couple of games . Too good to keep playing at this level .

K Coleman also looked a different player with the drop in pressure . Not far away from Senior selection again.


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 9, 2009
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Nakia Cockatoo ended the game with 16 disposals. I think how he played today was irrelevant. He just needed to get through the game unscathed and find a bit of the footy to get his touch back. Will probably have at least 2-3 more games like today to shake off the rust and build some confidence back in his body and ability and then we'll start to see him shine at VFL level I'd imagine. Sounds cliche but very important for him to get a game under his belt. He was playing on limited minutes, the fact he found the footy 16 times is a positive in itself I think showing that he will find the ball relatively easily at this level.

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