Preview 2021 VFL Finals : Box Hill v Williamstown TBC - Qualifying Final(sudden death)

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Apr 19, 2006
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The season has now lost a total of five of the 19 rounds, with each of the past 12 weeks being affected to some extent by state government lockdowns in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

The cancellation means the ladder has been adjusted on a match ratio order with not all teams playing the same amount of games. Collingwood moves into the top eight and Frankston drops out because the latter has played more games than the Magpies despite having the same points.

The top four have also lost their double chances with the finals being reduced to three weeks.

The finals will retain the top eight clubs but in an elimination format should they be able to start on the weekend of September 4



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Mar 24, 2017
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We are scheduled to play Willi. Hopefully at City Oval.
If they don’t restart until the week after, we play Southport away in a prelim. If it is only the GF, it would be Dogs v Southport, but if Southport are no allowed to travel, we would take their place.
Will be interesting to see how may VFL games qualifies players for finals. Dogs, Cats, Dees & Bombers will take 24/25 players interstate for AFL finals so that could give us an advantage depending on selection criteria.

Anyone got a list of how many VFL games our squad has played?


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Nov 26, 2001
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Games (for points) played:

Bramble 2
Brockman 6
Brooksby 10
Callow 4
Ceglar 4
Cousins 1
Downie 9
Grainger-Barras 1
Greaves 7
Hanrahan 3
Hartley 7
Howe 2
Jeka 8
Maginness 6
MitchellS 2
Morris 9
Morrison 1
Nash 6
Newcombe 7 (1 as HFC listed)
O'Brien 1
Pepper 7
Reeves 8
Saunders 8

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Nov 5, 2014
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Sorry stemline , I deleted my post which puts your post out of context. I’ll put it back…

In a regular season of 19 games at least 7 VFL games (or 36.8%) are required to be eligible for VFL finals. As Box Hill have played 10 games in 2021 it is reasonable to think that 4 games for Box Hill will be the minimum.

The other side of the coin is how many AFL games they've played, before they are ineligible for VFL finals?
I don’t see a rule in the following link on having played too many AFL games…

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