2021 Wooden Spoon

2021 Wooden Spoon

  • Adelaide Crows

    Votes: 40 8.6%
  • Brisbane Lions

    Votes: 2 0.4%
  • Carlton Blues

    Votes: 7 1.5%
  • Collingwood Magpies

    Votes: 12 2.6%
  • Essendon Bombers

    Votes: 70 15.0%
  • Fremantle Dockers

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • Geelong Cats

    Votes: 3 0.6%
  • Gold Coast Suns

    Votes: 2 0.4%
  • GWS Giants

    Votes: 4 0.9%
  • Hawthorn Hawks

    Votes: 31 6.6%
  • Melbourne Demons

    Votes: 3 0.6%
  • North Melbourne Kangaroos

    Votes: 266 57.0%
  • Port Adelaide Power

    Votes: 3 0.6%
  • Richmond Tigers

    Votes: 10 2.1%
  • St Kilda Saints

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sydney Swans

    Votes: 6 1.3%
  • West Coast Eagles

    Votes: 6 1.3%
  • Western Bulldogs

    Votes: 1 0.2%

  • Total voters

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 27, 2008
AFL Club
I think you are since your post had no relevance to the topic. Don't be upset that your team is garbage, it's called equalization (and poor list management)
You'd better get Cameron because the more I think about it the more likely you'll finish last next year.


Club Legend
May 7, 2008
AFL Club
Richmond 5th favourite for the Wooden Spoon in the poll at the time of writing. Now that shows 'heart on sleeve' vitriol from some which is totally brilliant. We all need a nemesis who we love to hate, like the heel in professional wrestling. So it says in Austin 316.

It's likely North, unless they get a gifted coach to lift them a few rungs above 18th.

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Premiership Player
Apr 27, 2007
AFL Club
It'll be either Dons, Demons or Swans

Demons probably the smokey, won't take much for them to fall away

New coach at Nth will lift them up a few spots


Team Captain
Aug 9, 2016
AFL Club
Other Teams
SF 49ers and Giants, U of Wisconsin
Nope. Essendon generally stay in the dead zone of 8th to 12th, too good to get really good draft picks, not good enough to play in finals.
Unfortunately too true. Have only really had one crack at a true real blue-chip talent in McGrath, and before that Gumbleton. Parish at pick 5 the highest in between McGrath and Gumby, and even tho I love Darcy he clearly wasn’t a blue-chip prospect or player so far - one pick before Darcy was a blue-chipper in Oliver, and it’s not like we took Parish ahead of any elite prospect/player.

People thinking we’ll be anywhere close to the spoon are the people who let us live in their heads rent free (like Carlton fans have let us for my lifetime at least), similar to the thinking of Rimmer previously in this thread. It’ll be a similar side to the one who made finals in 2019 and were 4-1 in 2020 until hub-life and injuries took over and the players seemed to throw it in - didn’t help we were missing 8-12 of the best 22 most of the season. Daniher and Fantasia have barely played any footy since 2017, and even less of that being good footy, Saad is a big loss (did okay without him in 2017) but could be adding Dunkley, Caldwell, Wright, McDonald, and maybe a top-10 pick or two on top of all that. It’ll be another 8th to 12th year for sure unless good luck or injuries really take hold, and even then the ceiling is like 6th and floor 14th.


Club Legend
Feb 17, 2010
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Not just saying this as a quick jab to the crows but it’s hard for me to go past the crows again for bottom or seeing any real improvement up the ladder for a number of reasons.

1 - Their late season resurgence also coincided with B Crouch returning to the side and playing well. He’s now gone

2 - They only have an ageing Talia as akey defender after loosing Hartigan. Yes Hartigan was average but offered some size back there. Now they only have their two draft picks from last year to cover the key back positions and will struggle simply due to size and strength.

3 - Other senior players are closer or over the cliff now. That being Talia, Crouch, Walker - leaving more holes

4 - Their youth outside of maybe Scholl and Hamill (both too early to tell as well) but the others are average

5 - Have lost more depth in Atkins. Who although average, was a regular selection and brought experience

6 - I’m sure they will pick up some gun future players this year with their draft picks, but trying to slot them in an expect immediate results doesn’t usually happen and can disrupt the team setup until they find their place. Unless they are the next Rowell.

Unless their is a large improvement from their youth (which I don’t see from what I’ve seen) I don’t see them getting above bottom 2.


Premiership Player
Sep 25, 2014
AFL Club
Other Teams
Sturt, Adel United & Leeds United
Are the Kanga’s certainties for the spoon next year?... Can the Crows go back to back?... Perhaps Hawthorn is a smokie?...or maybe the bombers struggle to field a full team?
Crows showed enough in the last 4 games to prove they are on the up. i still think bottom 4 is a lock for the crows but North will get the spoon.


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 29, 2012
Perth via Carlton Land
AFL Club
Other Teams
Knicks, Giants, Man U
I think it's a two horse race between Essendon and North. North are North, but Essendon will have two half-dead KPDs, no key forwards and will have just lost the only dynamic part of their game - their speed from half back with Saad and McKenna gone. They will struggle to win games.

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Club Legend
Oct 24, 2015
AFL Club
Essendon and kangaroos are nearly the same club bring in heaps of outside mids cos you think you're at 11 when you not at 7


Premium Platinum
Jun 23, 2008
Headed for Kirribilli House
AFL Club
Other Teams
Norwood, Everton, Detroit Red Wings
Really? A lot of injuries this year... A LOT lol even big bud
Have a look at their players who'll actually be in their prime in 2021:



4 good-great players (Parker, Lloyd, Heeney, Papley), and a bunch of roles players.

Buddy will be 34 years old, and have played one game in 22 months by the start of next season. He can't be expected to carry the Swans, and barring some unforseen massive improvement (from the younger players) or winding back of the clock (for the older guys), I just don't think they've got the quality or the depth to win more than 5-6 games next year, which will put them right in spoon territory.

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