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Jul 1, 2017
AFL Club
Here's how In Like Flynn started 2021. (2,148)

- Flynn, not only in, but in the starting 22. Chef's kiss.
- Loading up the backline. 98, 102, 107, 113, 100, 80.
- Rookies.

- Gawn as R1 captain.
- H.Jones on field instead of Rowe.
- No Martin/Heeney. My original 'suicide rucks' side (Flynn+Meek) included one of the two at F3, but never would have worked with this structure.

Close Calls:
- No Dangerfield. Phew.
- Bruhn and Bergman were in a lot of versions of my side. Both could still come good, but happy with my alternatives (Berry, Jones) + the banked cash for now.
- Had Rowell all pre-season. Switch to Cripps on Thursday.
- Flirted with including Dow, Tyson.


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Sydney Kicker

Premiership Player
Jan 18, 2015
AFL Club

Had a really good start. Rank 241.

Hits with low ownership

Gaff. Mr consistency had has worst game for years. A bit worried. I thought the new rules would suit him.
Dow. Might make a few dollars. Might be part of a correction trade.

Jordon. Might be a R3 correction.
Had Walsh in a lot of early teams but didn't make the cut.

Not sure about yet


Club Legend
May 3, 2006
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Reasonably happy with me team. Might make a few tweaks before round 3 but will see. I’ve got pretty much all the good rookies and most of my Mid priced players stood up and delivered.


Better Loosen Up

Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 2, 2009
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North Melbourne
This is my starting side can spot the mistake, Clark was the designated D6 ....meaning no DEF Rookies, as I have zero confidence in them

I'm betting the Mids continue to be the primary scorers ....but suring up the DEF meant having Hunter Clark at D5 versus my preferred Heeney at F2 .....we'll see how that pans out

Yesterday, I'm thinking BRIS / SYD game was going to be affected by rain I swung Clark into the Mids and benched Gulden

First "dumb" decision of the year ..... I should have checked the weather forecast

View attachment 1082254
I guess the thing to remember in future is that rain affected games still have 3300 points to go around...


Premiership Player
Feb 10, 2008
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Not an ideal start to 2021 with 1,950 from this lot.

Gulden/Flynn/Rowe all the bench. Did consider a late trade of Bruhn to a non-player but decided against it and start with 30 scorers.

Obviously Danger is going to be the focus this week, but at least I think I have the correct rookies. Might ditch Cox next week if he goes under 50 again.

Seymour Skinner

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 5, 2014
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Springfield Isotopes
Quite happy with what I ended up with.
Had Laird in the mids for the longest time, but the surplus of mid eligible rookies and lack of def ones forced him back.
Sharp was a late in for Butts purely for the cash.
All defs went good without being super amazing.

Same situation in the middle, premos all went ok, but nothing outstanding. Danger likely to be flicked for Titch who I had all preseason lol.
Got the Gulden on field pick right but missed a few points not fielding Jordon, never even considered fielding Berry or Brockman though.

Rucks a disappointing start but still confident they'll be the #1 and #2 scorers at the end of the day. Yes there were less stoppages, but the game will continually slow down as coaches start to figure it out. Flynn sets himself up well as a cash cow, hopefully that cash gen isn't totally stuffed when he plays the big dogs in rounds 3 and 4.

Dusty was a late in for me, probably a day or 2 before the season started, it was at the expense of Titch, which was a win, but would of been much better if it was for any of my other starters lol.
Hate the Ziebell pick but he has the free money role this season and now McDonald is out for a month he's in zero danger of having his free chips pinched.
Didn't see my F3-6 play and can't really complain about their output for their price, Impey the only one on the stats sheet that looked like he had been ripped off.
Was absolutely no chance of fielding Rowe against the Cats, so not upset about missing that score. Go Crom tho.

Didn't miss any of the boom rookies, just inside top 11k, gonna be 1 trade down and have a bank of 88k heading into round 2, good result.

Round 1 (86.1k).JPG


Mar 22, 2021
AFL Club
Bit late to the party, but this is what I rolled with RD1, my first fielded team after a several years of self imposed SC exile.

Learnings/musings of note:
- Henry was a last minute reshuffle to come in (for Downie from memory). Which I undid shortly before the game started, but didn't realise until midway through Q1 I hadn't hit save. Great start to the year on my part, if not simply for the fact Gulden was on the field up until that change
- Bench selections cost me 118 (technically 120 if I take Scott's 56 over Daniher's 54, but that would never have happened)
- VC selection cost me 65 points (was a toss up to loophole Dusty or Gawn, Neale was always going to be C)
- Reshuffling to turn Lloyd into McDonald earlier in the week cos I was worried about Lloyd playing bit me in the arse

If i'd got my squad right, realistic potential was 2078 with Koschitzke covering McDonald. I would've been happy with that.

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 3.29.26 pm.png
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