2022/23 Farmers Ligue 1 (+Mbappe) / French football thread - On beIN Sports

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Dec 22, 2009
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Here's a thread to discuss French Ligue 1 (and all things in French football) for Season 2022/23 which starts next weekend! Make up of league as follows:


Toulouse & Auxurre are promoted. 2 significant clubs. Auxerre have a long history as one of Frances top clubs for young footballers. Guy Roux managed the club for 41 years (a record that will likely never be broken in European football) and even managed to win the title in 95/96 - all in a City with a population of just 35,000 people!

The other promoted team is Ajaccio from Corsica who haven't played top flight football since 2013/14. A very small club from Corsica they will find it difficult to survive.

This season of course has the most annoying mid season Qatar world cup break.

Round 1 is as follows:


Personally, I hope that my team RC Strasbourg can push on to CL qualification this season which would be huge. Signs are promising, just beat Liverpool 3-0 overnight in a friendly :D :D :D
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